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Accessibilty Group     

Meets varies
Details The accessibility group has 3 primary functions 1. To provide information for the u3a on how it can make the u3a and the groups more accessible to all 2. To enlighten the general u3a membership about disabilities and how they can support 2. To provide support when possible for members who need help with accessibility - whether it is with sight, hearing, mobility, etc.

Acoustic Music     

Meets 1st 3rd 5th Tuesday
Details We meet to sing and play popular and folk music, with acoustic instruments. We take it in turns to play and sing, whether solo or together. Music ranges from traditional tunes to contemporary songs, with many styles in between. The most usual instruments played are acoustic guitars and ukuleles, but others include fiddle, mandolin and harmnica. New members welcome - and you don't need to play an instrument.

Active Photography     

Meets 3rd Monday
Details The group meets at a different venue each month and notification of the venue is sent out by e-mail the week before. We meet to enjoy taking digital photographs together and to help each other learn. We do walk about a lot on our outings so stout shoes or boots and an enjoyment of being outdoors is necessary. Some computer literacy is needed so that you can share your photos on our own website.


Meets 2nd week
Details A short amble usually about 2 miles with a refreshment stop either halfway or at the finish. Usually meets the 2nd week of each month - check details for actual day.


Meets 10th September 2021 (2nd Friday of each Month)
Details Group members share their knowledge of and experiences with antiques with the group. This includes knowledge of antiques, pottery or jewellery, for example. We also visit stately homes, museums, auctions, and antique fairs from time to time. There is no group leader, and all members contribute to the overall running of the group. All U3A members are welcome, and do not need specialist knowledge to attend. All that is needed is a desire to learn and to share their learning with others.


Meets 3rd Friday
Details Meetings usually take place monthly at the Friends Meeting House in Lancaster. See diary for details. Talks are given on a wide range of archaeological subjects from prehistoric to industrial archaeology. Several knowledgeable members from our own and other U3As give talks. Recent talks include Deserted Medieval Villages, Egyptology, The Ice Man and Neolithic Orkney. Some day and longer trips to sites of interest have been arranged for the group and recently a tour was organised to visit sites in Norfolk and Suffolk. No prior knowledge is required to join this flourishing and friendly group which meets at 10.30 a.m. on the 3rd Friday of every month. Doors open at 10 am.

Architecture Appreciation     

Meets 4th Wednesday monthly 10:30am
Details This group looks at architectural design from Babylon to the 21st century. Members present a short talk followed by group discussion. All welcome

Art Improvers (mixed media)     

Meets 2nd 4th Thursday
Details The Art Improvers group is a diverse group which has enjoyed improving skills. New members with any level of expertise are always welcome.


Meets Wednesdays
Details The badminton group is now meeting weekly if you wish to join the group please contact the group leader prior to coming along for your first session. The university have removed the restrictions on the number of people who can play at anyone time. Our group is open to players of all abilities, there is free parking at the sports centre but please get a ticket from the machine.

Ballet Lovers     

Meets n/a
Details This group is intended as an on-line information exchange only. Ballet fans do not always know what is going on locally, and this group will exchange information. If you wish to be kept informed of events that may be of interest, please send your membership number to Tina Harrup at (As the group will be conducted via Beacon, it will not be possible to include members who do not have internet access.)

Beacon Tutorial     

Details Online tutorial for existing and new Beacon users

Birdwatching full-day     

Meets 3rd Thursday
Details The group activities are aimed at all levels of birder from beginners to experts. We visit a wide range of sites in the immediate area and further afield. Please contact us on the above email if you would like to join us for further details as booking is essential.

Birdwatching half-day     

Meets 1st Wednesdays
Details The group activities are aimed at all levels of birder from beginners to experts. We visit a wide range of sites in the immediate area and further afield.

Brass and Wind     

Meets 2nd 4th Friday NOT CURRENTLY MEETING
Details This group currently has eight members playing instruments which range from the baritone horn to the bassoon. It has players with widely differing expertise, although it does not cater for absolute beginners, and welcomes members who play a brass or woodwind instrument regularly already or have recently taken up or resumed one. The group has a Musical Director and plays a variety of music, performing for the U3A when possible. Please telephone before your first visit if you want to be sure of having some music to play.

Bridge - Tutored Practice     

Meets 2nd 4th Thursday
Details After a short tutorial, each session consists entirely of the play and discussion of the hands. Every hand will be pre-set so as to be similar to those you encounter at your bridge table. All Bridge Improvers welcome.

Bridge Playing     

Meets 1st 3rd Thursday
Details The group meets at the Lancaster Bridge Club in Chapel Street. Players of all abilities are welcome. There is always an experienced player there to help with bidding and play. It is a pleasant, enjoyable afternoon.


Meets 2nd and 4th Monday
Details All U3A members are welcome to come and join us for an enjoyable afternoon of Canasta. You do not need to have any experience playing cards. Additional contact: June Coulson 69518.

Canasta at Torrisholme     

Meets 1st 3rd Tuesday
Details New members welcome - experienced and new players.

Cards and Crafts     

Details Each session concentrates on a particular technique focusing mainly on different techniques for cards, but also tackling such things as jewellery-making, using felt, Christmas tree decorations etc. The monthly Newsletter gives details of any materials to be brought along to each session. Beginner and experienced crafters welcome. Please bring along basic equipment such as scissors, ruler, glue etc. We can provide the rest.

Chat over Lunch     

Meets First Thursday
Details The eatery is chosen each month by the group. Group members take turns booking venues and selecting topics for discussion. Everyone welcome.

Classic Novels New & Old     

Meets 2nd Thursday
Details The Classic Novels New and Old meets in the homes of group members, to discuss a literary work agreed upon by its members. We meet on the second Thursday evening of the month.

Coffee and Chat     

Meets varies
Details A chance to share ideas and find out what is happening in our U3A over an informal coffee/tea

Committee Meeting     

Meets second Thursday
Details For the information of Committee Members

Computer Group     

Meets weekly Fridays at 09.15
Details These sessions are intended for any L&M U3A member, from beginner to advanced, to contribute and at least learn something. It is online using Zoom and you can email about queries and give your membership number to get involved. It is open to all members of Lancaster and Morecambe U3A. Please be in the waiting room by 09.10 for a 09.15 start.

Concert Group     

Details The aim of the group is to go, generally by coach, to concerts given by superb orchestras such as the Halle

Creative Writing     

Meets 1st Thursday
Details We are a group who enjoy writing and sharing our own short stories, poems etc by reading them aloud to the group. We meet once a month online using Zoom, writing on a given topic agreed at the previous meeting (see Calendar). We allocate about 10 minutes each for reading and this usually leads to some animated discussion. Importantly, it is not a class; there is no tuition, no advice on how to get published, no harsh criticism - just sharing, encouragement and friendly discussion of the work presented.

Crime Book Group     

Meets 2nd Wednesdays
Details An online group to discuss crime novels and novelists.

Crown Green Bowling, Lancaster     

Meets Wednesday mornings all year
Details Crown Green bowls is played on Wednesdays at the Highfield Recreation Centre off Derwent Road, Lancaster. Bowling continues throughout the year, weather permitting. Beginners welcome. Bowls provided.

Crown Green Bowls, Bare     

Details Crown Green Bowls is played at the Bare Village Club Green. We have two greens booked solely for the U3A members, throughout the season, which runs from the beginning of April to the end of September, providing it doesn't rain.

Current Affairs - online     

Details During 2020 lockdown, the 2 current affairs groups have merged to have zoom meetings.

Current Affairs 1     

Details The group members bring along topics of current interest for discussion. Topics may have been in the recent newspapers and could include reviews of new books or of opening exhibitions that might be worthy of a discussion. Some topics will need quite a long introduction and may be arranged for a future meeting but others are of more immediate interest and have many of the group anxious to participate in the conversation.

Current Affairs 2     

Details The objective of the Current Affairs 2 Group is to encourage discussion of matters of general interest or controversey found by members in the press or other media.

Development and Promotion     

Meets varies
Details The aim of the Development and Promotion Group is to look for ways to promote the U3A in Lancaster and Morecambe by making our U3A more accessible and better known. All U3A members are welcome to join us. The group meets on a need to meet basis. Our U3A needs help in order to diversify and grow. If you are unable to come but would like help or discuss your ideas, please contact us.

Drawing 1     

Meets 2nd 4th Friday NOT CURRENTLY MEETING
Details The U3A Drawing Group 1 is a very friendly group whose members encourage each other. It has been running for several years and we have covered a lot of ground in terms of subject matter and techniques, but it still accommodates beginners as well as those who have some experience. The group is full at the moment but ring to go on a waiting list.

Eat and Talk Thursday group     

Meets 2nd Thursdays
Details Eat and Talk is a lunch group that meets at different restaurants in the Lancaster and Morecambe area. Members take it in turn booking the venues and choosing the topic for discussion.

Electric Biking     

Meets Not currently meeting
Details Electric bikes mean: the ability to cycle without having to be reminded of aches and pains; confidence that the engine will get you back home; easy to get up local hills. Routes will include quiet roads and cycle tracks. This group is for anyone with an electric bike - it will be a supportive environment in which to cycle safely and within our own capabilities.

Everyday German     

Meets 1st 3rd Tuesday
Details MEETING ONLINE but NOT MEETING IN SEPTEMBER 2021 Other groups require some knowledge of the language but 'rustiness' should not deter prospective members.

Exploring Food     

Meets 1st Tuesday monthly
Details The Exploring Food Group covers a wide range of topics involving food. The aim is to pursue our interest in all aspects of food through presentations, discussions on topics such as the history of food, international food as it is eaten in Britain today and healthy eating, as well as holding food-related events or outings. Members of the group are encouraged to bring in recipes and food for tasting, and to share their experiences of eating at festivals, family occasions and abroad. Members are also encouraged to contribute by chairing a session on a topic of their special interest to share with group members.

Family History     

Meets each Tuesday at 09.15 for 45 min
Details The Family History Group is an open group. Everyone is welcome and the group discusses either broad topics or specific points raised by members. It is a group where we all help each other, not a group where we listen to prepared talks. More members would be most welcome. Please email me to get Zoom info. Please join us by 09.10 so we can get going on time. Please be in the waiting room by around 09.10 for a prompt start at 09.15

Folk Dancing     

Meets 1st 3rd Thursday
Details The Folk Dance Group is a very friendly group. We dance ceilidh and traditional country dances with callers. All members are welcome, no experience is necessary as full instruction is given. All the steps are 'called', so they are easy to follow, and it doesn't matter if you haven't a partner to go with, as we pair up for each dance with more experienced dancers supporting beginners. No one is left out. We are frequently able to dance with different live instruments at each session - from a selection of bagpipes, recorder, concertinas, guitar and drum. Come and dance with us for fun and fitness!

French Conversation     

Meets Thursday
Details We welcome members with a reasonable degree of fluency in French, A-level or more, or who have lived in France. We are currently working by email and by Zoom, but will start physical meetings at LFMH on alternate weeks as from 16 September. We have a waiting list of those wanting to join, and admit on a first-come first-in basis when we have vacancies.

French Improvers     

Meets 2nd 4th Thursday
Details French Improvers is a self-help group where group members contribute. We do not have a single group leader and all members share the responsibilities.

French Intermediate     

Meets 1st 3rd 5th Wednesday
Details Meets on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday mornings. Our main activity is reading and translating a chosen book, so involves some preparation, but we also include some vocabulary practice, conversation, listening exercises and bits of grammar as well. Several of us contribute; none of us is an expert. The group is probably about A level standard.

Friday Art     

Meets 1st 3rd Friday
Details This group is open to all ability levels and is a mixed media, mixed ability group, though not really suitable for beginners. The group is friendly, informal and very supportive.

Gardening Group     

Meets 2nd Tuesday
Details Garden visits part of year, talks and discussions in colder months. Come and share your enthusiasm for gardening. Bring your ideas for discussion on zoom. Experienced or novice - all are welcome.

German Conversation     

Meets 2nd 4th Tuesday
Details German Conversation group offers an opportunity to talk and read German using modern language and authors.This is an advanced group for members with some German knowledge.

German Intermediate     

Meets 1st 3rd Friday NOT CURRENTLY MEETING

German Translation     

Meets 2nd 4th Friday
Details German Translation group.

Group Leaders Lunch     

Meets varies
Details Usually during the summer and usually at LFMH - a chance to chat and exchange ideas and a buffet lunch.

Group Leaders Meeting     

Details A chance for Group Leaders (and prospective GLs) to chat and exchange ideas.

Harder Walks     

Meets Every week on alternate Mon & Fri - from 12 April
Details These are harder walks than the Intermediate Walks. They may be 9 or more miles or involve an ascent of more than 1500 feet or both. In line with present government guidelines concerning Covid-19 and social distancing, these walks will only be able to take a maximum of 10 walkers. It is, therefore, essential that you book with the leader in advance. Do not just turn up at the start venue. Details of how to book for each walk will be circulated by email so be sure to check your inbox regularly. If you are not already on the harder walks mailing list please contact the coordinator on the number given above.


Meets 3rd Tuesday
Details This group arranges informal presentations on a variety of topics of historical interest, both local and general. All members of L&M U3A are welcome to join in the group activities and a typical attendance is between 50 and 60 people. In the current situation, our proposed programme for 2021 features no excursions, and consists only of monthly meetings via ZOOM, advertised to Group members via e-mail and to others in the News Bulletin..

Intermediate Walks     

Meets Monday Walks may resume on 12 April 2021
Details Intermediate walks are 6 - 8 miles in length and may include some rough terrain and ascents and descents of up to 1500 feet. Walkers take a picnic lunch and there will usually be a stop on the homeward journey for refreshments. If you are not a member of the Intermediate Walks Group and would like to join please email your name and U3A membership number to

iPad for Beginners     

Meets 3rd Tuesday
Details A basic workshop for members who want to learn how to set up and use an Apple iPad.

Italian Improvers     

Meets 1st 3rd Tuesdays
Details Self-help group for anyone interested in learning Italian. Level: improvers

Italian Intermediate     

Meets 2nd and 4th Monday, restart Sept 13th
Details Mainly for the Intermediate Level, the Italian Group currently operates as a self-help group in which members take turns to contribute some materials or activities which may be of interest to the others. The group is working through an intermediate level course book - Contatti2 by Mariolina Freeth and Guiliana Checketts published by Hodder Education

Latin Improvers     

Meets 1st 3rd 5th Tuesdays
Details We are currently reading Book 4 of “Ecce Romani” which means that anyone who has studied Latin for two years or so, or has Latin ‘O’ Level, should feel at home. We concentrate on translating Latin, paying attention to grammar when necessary, but also take an interest in Roman life and English words which derive from Latin.

Latin, Reading     

Meets 2nd and 4th Friday MEETING ONLINE & NEWSLETTER
Details We are a friendly group who meet on the 2nd and 4th Friday afternoons of each month. We are interested in all things Roman and enjoy reading Latin in the original and translating it. We normally use Latin anthologies with lots of helpful notes, but members do need a fair knowledge of Latin - not necessarily recent. We work cooperatively, sharing our knowledge and discussing problems of vocabulary and grammar. We also share our research into Roman writers, history and ways of life.

Mac Users     

Meets Thursday 9:30am via Zoom
Details The Mac Users group meets to share problems, solutions and experiences in using Mac computers. All welcome. You don't have to be a Mac User, anyone considering changing from Windows is welcome to attend too.

Meet Without Meat     

Meets 2nd Wednesday in month starting 8 September 2021
Details Explore vegetarian and vegan food in local restaurants.

Monthly Meeting Support Group     

Meets Monthly Meetings
Details A group of volunteers who welcome new members at the Monthly Meetings. All members are welcome to join this group.


Details This group is solely kept in order to email 'members' with a reminder the day before a MM. Details of meetings are entered as OPEN MEETINGS on Beacon and can be accessed via the CALENDAR.

Mythology and Folklore     

Meets Every other Friday
Details The Mythology and Folklore group is continuing during lock-down, taking the form of 30 or 40 minute meetings on Zoom every couple of weeks. The meetings consist of storytellings only. So far, these have included: Stone Soup, The Lambton Worm, The Piper and the Pooka, and the tale of Andromeda and stories from the Welsh Mabinogion and Chaucer. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you are a member of the group. Contact me, and I will let you have the necessary info to join us on Zoom.

Nordic Walking     

Meets Wednesday AM and Friday AM
Details To enrol on a walk, simply send an email to the group leader. I am a trained British Nordic Walking Instructor and am happy to take a 1-2-1 session if you haven't 'walked' before ... I have some spare Nordic Walking poles if they are required.

Philosophy at Morecambe     

Meets 4th Friday Starting September
Details The group decides the topic of discussion in advance. It varies monthly and is given in the monthly diary. Everyone is welcome to come along for a stimulating discussion. Not meeting December.

Philosophy, Lancaster     

Meets 2nd Tuesday
Details If you are looking for an academic debating society, this Philosophy Group is not for you! Members are expected to have an interest in current moral and ethical issue, for example, rather than detailed knowledge of classical philosophy. At each month's meeting a topic is introduced by an individual member. Typically, this takes the form of a briefing paper, which has been circulated ahead of the meeting, and is then the subject of a chaired discussion. It is hoped, therefore, that at some point, each member will contribute to the Group's activities in this way. Some of the themes presented this year include, Pacifism, Euthanasia, The Rule of Law, Reading Books, Heroism, Should Philosophy Be Taught in Schools?, Drug Use or Abuse, Truth, Are We a Cult? The range is eclectic!


Meets 2nd Wednesday
Details Anyone with an interest in photography is welcome to come along, from complete beginners to the more experienced. Group members are now entirely digital camera users, but prints can also be shown. The group largely relies on the sharing of members' experience and knowledge. A photographic topic is given each month as a guide to members, who are invited to bring along a maximum of 6 images on a pen drive/memory stick for the group to have a look at and comment on. Please note that technical subjects and digital imaging are not covered by this group. The group meets on the second Wednesday afternoon of the month. FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE MEETINGS WILL BE HELD ONLINE VIA ZOOM. SAME DAY WEDNESDAY BUT AT 3pm. INVITATION SENT TO MEMBERS MY EMAIL. This convenient location offers a small car park and plentiful on-street parking, and is only a very short walk from 2/2A bus-stops. As a ground floor room, it is suitable for disabled access


Meets Tuesdays
Details The Pilates group uses exercises targeted at shoulder, back, and joint problems and aims to build general fitness. Please bring a mat and small cushion.

Pilates WAITING LIST     


Play Reading     

Details The choice of play to be read is often left to the co-ordinator but occasionally in the true 'self-help' ethos of the U3A a member of the group will oblige and take over. How the play is chosen is an interesting exercise. There are limitations, which have led us down some avenues which we would otherwise not have trodden. Firstly we have to consider the number of people who can be accommodated. Secondly we have to consider plays that have sufficient characters, so that everyone has a part to read, but not too many so that it cannot be cast. And, thirdly, we look for plays with more women than men (women are cast as men more believably than men as women!). Then we hope for a good playwright. Once in a while we have picked a play by an unknown, on the first three criteria only, and have had an enjoyable afternoon, or maybe one filled with groans and laughter. The plays are all in the Library Drama Catalogue so someone, sometime, has thought they had some merit. Comparing them gives us food for thought.


Meets 2nd Friday
Details OCCASIONALLY MEETING DURING 2020 The poetry group meets the homes of some of the regular members usually in the Morecambe and Torrisholme area. At some sessions members are invited to search out poems on a chosen theme and we read these to the group at the meeting. At other sessions a member will talk about a particular poet and some of her/her poems are read and discussed. Sometimes a member of the group will introduce a long poem and excerpts of the poem will be read. In the past we have occasionally enjoyed the visits of local poets who have spoken about their craft and shared their poetry with us. No special expertise is needed - just an interest in language and poetry. .

Popular Psychology     

Meets 3rd Wednesday
Details Popular psychology is a discussion group covering a wide range of topics choose by the group. No specialist knowledge is required. Everyone welcome.


Details We cover all aspects of giving a presentation to a group, from how to plug things in to where to stand. We aren't great experts but you will get lots of support.

Public Transport Walk     

Details Walks are 6-8 miles in length. They may involve some rough ground and ascents and descents. A picnic lunch and the walk will usually finish at a suitable place for refreshments. Always in areas accessible by public transport from Lancaster and usually times to make full use of free bus passes.

Quiz Group     

Details A general knowledge quiz - no prizes just fun.

Quiz Online     

Meets Every other Friday
Details An online quiz by members of the quiz group. Everyone welcome. Contact Liz on for details.


Meets Tuesdays
Details The group plays from The Recorder Book by Steve Rosenberg. If you wish to play a descant, Aulos descants are very good indeed. Players of treble, tenor and bass recorders especially welcome in both groups. A notebook and music stand are useful. Please contact the group leader for more information.

Recorders For Beginners     

Meets 1st 3rd Thursday NOT CURRENTLY MEETING
Details You will soon become integrated into the group, working at your own speed and setting your own targets. Recorder playing is good for the fingers, good for deep breathing as well as for lovely sociable music making. Please telephone the group leader before you attend as the groups may be full.

Religion in Art and Literature     

Details This group looks into the religious significance found in Art and Literature. Each session focuses on a topic, author or poet of religious significance.


Meets Mondays from March 29th 2021
Details The U3A Rowing group rows on a recreational basis rather than high performance, i.e., not strenuous. It meets on Monday afternoons. PLEASE TELEPHONE for availability. We are expecting to re-start [after Covid] on March 29th SUBJECT TO APPROVAL FROM THE LANCASTER & MORECAMBE U3A RE-OPENING COMMITTEE. All members of L&MU3A are welcome, providing they are able to swim (just in case of an emergency!) See the diary for further details.

Science And Technology     

Meets Thursday 09.30 weekly
Details This is a Science for All group and gives broad perspectives rather than details. Almost no Mathematics is needed. We welcome all members of L and M u3a. Sessions are mostly linked in groups. The group covers a very wide range of topics. Sessions are based on talks by group members. We try to make talks useful to a very wide range of people - non-scientists as well as scientists - interested in getting a feel for the physical, chemical, biological, engineering and medical sciences or understanding the history and workings of everyday technology. We have a wide range of expertise and interests so sessions vary in a fascinating way. Our recent Zoom sessions on Evolution and Extinction include much material that we might have covered in Geology. We are working our way through geological time and in June we will be spending time on the Silurian Period before moving on the more recent Geological time and ever more complex life forms.

Shorter Walk,     

Meets Mondays
Details These Monday walks, usually weekly, vary significantly in difficulty, some are flat and on good surfaces but others are harder but usually shorter. Occasionally walks include lunch at a pub or cafe, but the majority include a picnic. They are between 3 and 6 miles and all are taken at a reasonably leisurely pace. On some Mondays there will be two walks offered. One will be at around the traditional pace but a second will be somewhat shorter and at a substantially slower pace allowing for more time to look around and be strictly at the pace of the slowest participant.


Meets 1st 3rd 5th Tuesday
Details The group is led by a experienced musician and conductor. This is a large group usually has between 30-50 participants. Anyone who likes singing is most welcome. The group (The U3A Singers) usually performs 3-4 times a year in various venues, and has even been on tour. They learn songs of almost any style, sometimes in unison or in two parts, but mostly in three or four parts. Even if singing in parts can be quite daunting to a beginner, the choir is a group where we learn from each other and anyone will, with a bit of patience, get to grips with it. Furthermore, it helps that there are a number of experienced singers in the group. Welcome! Please contact the group leader for more information.

Solo Whist     

Meets 3rd Monday
Details Solo Whist is an enjoyable card game. The group is open to all; you don't need to know how to play - we will help you learn. Come along for a relaxing afternoon. Any Canasta players also welcome.

Spanish Improvers     

Meets 2nd 4th Monday
Details Special emphasis placed on speaking and listening, for those who visit Spain fairly frequently. Please telephone if interested in joining the group.

Spanish Intermediate     

Meets 1st 3rd Tuesday
Details This group aims to achieve an understanding of spoken and written Spanish as well as the production of meaningful communication in the language. There is some grammatical input and we try to create an awareness of the culture of Spanish speaking countries through the use of authentic materials.

Table Tennis     

Meets Restarting on Tuesday 28th of September.
Details Tuesday session from 13:00 to 15:00 open to all abilities. Wednesday session from 12:30 to 14:30 open to all abilities. Wednesday session from 14:30 to 13:00 open to all abilities. The table tennis group has about forty five members of different abilities, both men and ladies. We play mainly doubles, but the second Wednesday session is for those players who wish to improve their table tennis skills . All are welcome to join this very friendly and informal group. Please contact Pam before attending for your first time.

Tales at Tea Time     

Meets 2nd Thursday
Details The telling of, and listening to, stories has existed since humans first began to speak. Stories, myths and legends have been passed orally down through generations and in many instances have been carried by travellers as they journeyed from country to country. Come and rediscover the magic - are you sitting comfortably? Then it'll begin.

Tea Dance     

Meets 4th Monday
Details Come and enjoy an afternoon of dancing with Old Time and Sequence dancing and much frivolity. We also offer help for beginners..


Meets Mondays
Details We are a very friendly group. 2 astroturf courts are reserved for u3a members. Please contact the Group Leader for more details. Players of all standards welcome.


Meets 2nd 4th Tuesday NOT CURRENTLY MEETING
Details The aim is to have fun, enjoy playing as a group and learn something in the process. Please telephone before your first visit.

Wine Evening     

Details This group aims to offer sociable wine evenings twice a year, once in the summer and again around Christmas. 6 different wines will be available for everyone to try. Members need to bring a glass and make their own transport arrangements. Booking is essential.

z Walking Holiday 2021     


Zoom Large Group Meetings     

Details Planning group for arranging large group meetings on zoom.