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Ancient Greek     

Meets 2 & 4 Thu
Details The group coordinator has provided no information about this group.

Antiques Appreciation     

Meets 1 Tue
Details The Antiques group (no we aren't all that old yet) held its first meeting in November 2003, so those of you who are good at maths can work out that we are now soon to be in our fifteenth year. We have covered many different themes over the years; porcelain, furniture, clocks, antique jewellery, silver, collectors items and 'Art Deco' items, makers and designers. We also go on related "away days". Members are encouraged to bring appropriate items to meetings matching the planned theme. We have finished looking at the Georgian Period and in more detail the Regency years of the future George IV 1811-1820. Members have so far discussed fashion, miniatures, silver, furniture and general artefacts found around the home. Our last meeting was "Islamic Calligraphy". The themes that the group have chosen to study/discuss for 2017 are almost completed and the choice of subjects for 2018 will be chosen at our February 6th 2018 meeting. There are no meetings in January, August or September. Our July meeting is usually an 'Away Day'. Our membership does fluctuate, but there are still five of the original members. Members are expected to participate in some way from time to time, but the main aim of the group is for like minded people to get together to enjoy looking at and discussing antiques. Our meeting venue at the Tesco Superstore Community Room is free of charge and refreshments are also kindly provided. Our current group membership is fourteen and prospective new members are welcome as our recent move to the Tesco Community Room provides far greater space.


Meets 1 Tue
Details The Architecture group studies the buildings of Britain, and other countries, through different periods of history, types, styles and functions. This includes techniques, methods and materials showing us how buildings are constructed and why they remain in place. Generally speaking, our approach leans towards the historical and the aesthetic rather than the technical. Contemporary architecture comes under regular scrutiny. The works of individual architects and movements are explored, and we undertake field trips during the warmer months. Participation is the key, and group members are encouraged to present the results of their researches or to help arrange the events and activities in our programme. We've continued our established practice of exploring buildings in the real world during the months May to August while staying inside at Louise House for the remaining eight months of the year to hear and learn from presentations given by group members. The January meeting has long been a regular feature enabling members to introduce architectural Likes and Dislikes that have come to their notice during the year. Our programme of activities for the coming months (2018-19): November 2018. Presentation by Selwyn on recent group trips. December 2018. Presentation by Jane on Brick Gothic architecture inc. Malbork Castle. January 8th 2019 (NB not Jan 1st). Members' likes and dislikes. Pictures from our group can be found at:

Art Appreciation     

Meets 2 Tue
Details The Art Appreciation group studies art history up to the beginning of the 20th century. We focus on a theme for a September-to-July programme, such as Dutch and Spanish Golden Ages, French painting, Italian art, British painting and Russian art. Group members are invited to contribute, introducing an artist or theme illustrated by relevant paintings. Usually there are three volunteers per meeting so preparation is not too onerous and we like time for discussion. We use a digital projector and screen to show pictures at meetings. It is helpful if volunteers have computer access to collect illustrations they want to show us, but this is not essential. This year, the Art Appreciation group is studying German art. We started in Medieval times, with Gospel books of Aachen in the Charlemagne area, the Reichenau school in Otto IIIs time and the Bohemian school. We also looked at sculpture, particularly architecture from that time. Then, we went on to Northern Renaissance with a whole session on Albrecht Durer, followed by Cranach, Altdorfer and Holbein. We moved on to Mannerism (Hans von Aachen and Bartholomeas Spranger). In March, we will discuss Baroque and Romanticism and carry on during the summer with Nazarenes, Impressionists and Symbolism. It has been truly amazing since last September, as the majority of artists have been unknown to us and it has been great fun, with, on occasion, some hilarity in discovering about their lives and types of painting. We have therefore learnt a lot about German Art but also about German history and geography as well. As we near July, the group will start to think about themes for next year. We always welcome new members and now that our venue is the Inn on the Green at Radbrook Green, we have plenty of space. There is a small charge of £1 per person which includes refreshments.


Meets 2 Mon
Details The Astronomy group held its initial meeting of interested U3A members on 30th January 2017. Since then, the group has settled into a series of monthly study meetings that are held at the Tesco Harlescott Community room. The venue has worked out well, being a good facility, which is easy to access, with the added attraction of being free of charge! On Wednesday 21st June one of the group members, Steve, arranged for a field trip to the UK Space Guard Centre located West of Ludlow. The Space Guard Centre staff provided a two-hour tour of the facility. This was combined with a fascinating explanation of the work that is done there, and around the world, to detect and classify all the comets and asteroids that could present a threat to Earth. The astronomy group currently has a small band of committed students who have begun their work by studying the solar system and learning about selection and use of optical instruments. There is space for a few more students so please get in touch if you are interested, and have a bit of time to actively participate in the group.


Meets 2 & 4 Mon
Details Our group began in January and is doing really well, but there is always room for more members. We currently have a lovely group of ladies - but gentlemen always welcome to join us. Those more experienced players are doing a great job of sharing their expertise and improving our beginners. If you are interested in coming to join us or just to see if this is 'your thing' please contact us. It would be great to welcome some new members. It is a very relaxed group and lots of fun. Following a discussion with members of the group on 5th March 2018 it was decided that the Monday group was better attended due to some members having prior commitments for Wednesdays. The outcome of the discussion was that meetings would now be held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. This would mean that members would still be able to attend the U3A meetings held on the 3rd Monday of the month. New venue: Lion Hotel, Wyle Cop in the Tudor room. Parking is available to the rear of the hotel. Access is from Wyle Cop. You do not need to pay for parking, BUT you MUST enter your car reg. on the screen at the hotel reception. This allows you to park free of charge. Coffee and tea needs to be ordered and paid for and is available from the bar areas. PLEASE NOTE MY NEW MOBILE TELEPHONE NUMBER. 07535351785 Members are asked to bring along a board if they have one but don't worry if you don't have one, we always have enough to share. Novice players to more experienced... all levels welcomed! Hope to see you soon. Pauline. Photographs from the Backgammon group can be found at the Shrewsbury U3A website at: Documents from the Backgammon group can be found at the Shrewsbury U3A website at:

Bird Watching     

Meets 3 Wed
Details The Bird Watching group is a small group who are keen to improve their knowledge of British birds. We aim to visit local nature reserves within a 20-mile radius of Shrewsbury, preferably with access to a bird-hide. We often begin at a garden centre on the outskirts of town to have coffee and to coordinate car-sharing. As a small group, we try to arrange a trip once a month to a bird-watching venue within easy reach. Places we visit include Venus Pool, Ellesmere, and Llyn Coed y Dinas. Last year we discovered a new site, Aqualate Mere near Newport. We have been pleased to welcome some new members during the year. It is important to keep the size of the group manageable so as not to disturb the birds. For this reason, we are unable to accept any more members at present.

Breakfast at Shrewsbury's     

Meets 1 Sat
Details Breakfast at Shrewsbury’s was formed in July 2018. Group members arrange to meet on the first Saturday in the month to enjoy a breakfast at one of the many cafés, farm shops or hotels in Shrewsbury town centre or the surrounding areas. Our group webpage and up-to-date information can be found at: The group members meet at the chosen establishment at 9.00am and ordering of a ‘full English breakfast’ is heartily encouraged but by no means compulsory. The aim of the group is simply to enjoy good food in good company, support local trade and start the Saturday in the best possible way. The group will always choose locally-run establishments and aim to steer clear of national chains. As a Shrewsbury U3A member, you don't have to formally join the Breakfast at Shrewsbury’s group, just turn up if you are in the mood. There’s no need to send your apologies if you can’t make it and there’s no need to request a written invitation or reserve a place if you do (although it is respectful to advise the group coordinator if you wish to bring along a non-U3A member as a guest).

Bridge 1     

Meets Every Tue
Details The Bridge 1 group consists of people with a variety of card play ability. Some have played bridge for forty years, others for one or two years. Acquiring the bridge skills may have started at university or college, or by learning from friends, joining a club, and buying a book, or just simply joining a U3A group following retirement. Our group started very small some years ago, and met in members homes but numbers increased so we now meet in a set venue. We are relaxed and easy going, taking pleasure sometimes in analysing the hand played, to see how it could have been played better, and partners are randomly selected so we increase our knowledge and experience. Some of our number want a more competitive play, so in addition to the group, they join a club as well. Others take lessons to enable them to improve and then impart their new experience to others. We learn from each other. Bridge is not just about skilful card play, it is about understanding the complex mode of communication between partners called the auction in which players vie with their opponents to take control of the dealt hand and become declarer. A defender, however, if clever and with card distribution in his favour, can outwit the Declarer. No two hands are ever the same. We have now reached the maximum number which the venue will accommodate and our numbers cannot now increase, but some of us are prepared to help another group get started. A book, a few lessons, lots of practice and a few new acquaintances will take you a long way.

Bridge 2     

Meets Every Tue
Details Players of some experience meet to play Bridge. The group is not really suitable for complete beginners.

Bridge 3     

Meets Every Fri
Details Currently, the majority of expressions of interest in this group are from members who describe themselves as "Intermediate" level. However, members at the "Improving" stage are welcome to come along.

Bridge for Beginners     

Meets Every Mon
Details We are a small and very friendly group who are mainly early improvers and who have learnt how to play bridge from first principles. There are about 16 of us in the group at the moment, so we can usually get 3 tables playing. We do need more members and can accommodate more beginners, although if there are more experienced players out there who would be willing to help with improving the skills of the newer players they would be most welcome. We do plan, however, to try to get extra tuition through the winter months. We meet every 1st and 3rd Monday in the afternoon, with informal meetings on the 2nd and 4th Mondays, all at the Inn on the Green, Bank Farm Road.

Café Society     

Meets 1 Mon
Details The members of the Café Society follow the tradition of the café society of 19th century Paris by meeting in a relatively relaxed and informal atmosphere, to discuss the pressing issues of the day. These may embrace the fields of politics, religion, social policy, cultural matters, international affairs, the economy, the environment, crime and punishment and so on. We have an open remit to talk about anything which we consider of sufficient importance to merit our attention. The important point is not actually the content of our discussions but the ambience and the members themselves. Concerning topics, our interests and experience are very wide. We have no boundaries. Like the original Parisian clientèle, members can simply watch and listen, think or join in. The Café Society is currently fully subscribed (18 members) but we still welcome those wishing to sample the group and curious visitors. Other discussion groups in Shrewsbury U3A currently have spaces and new groups are always being established. Visit the Shrewsbury U3A website and click on the links on the right hand side of the page to download summaries of our latest meetings:


Meets Alt Thu
Details No information has been provided by the Group Coordinator.


Meets 2 & 4 Mon
Details In the chess group there is a range of ability and we play for enjoyment, usually fitting in a couple of games each meeting. A POETIC PLEA FOR MORE MEMBERS (By Ivor): Baking hot and fried outside? Why not learn a skill inside? Join us in a game of chess, Two hours of fun and friendliness. All are welcome through our door, No matter if youre good or...not so good!


Meets 3 Tue
Details The Cinema group is a fairly small, friendly group, who enjoy going to films, and then discussing what they have seen. We dont necessarily see the films together (although members often do make arrangements with each other), but when it suits each of us, and then we meet up to discuss what we have seen. We choose 2 or 3 films each month which we all try to see. We use the Old Market Hall programme primarily, but also keep an eye on what is on at Cineworld, including the National Theatre screenings. Occasionally we find that we are virtually all in agreement about a film, but more often there are varying views and this makes for a lively and interesting discussion and the opportunity, perhaps, to consider aspects of a film which we had not initially appreciated. Recent films about which there was general agreement include La La Land (we couldn't see what all the hype was about), I,Daniel Blake and Manchester by the Sea (both of which we rated highly).

Classical Music Appreciation     

Meets 3 Wed
Details The Classical Music Appreciation group meets at a member's home every month. The members choose a theme and then everybody brings a short piece of music appropriate to that theme. Between the pieces we discuss the music, composer, etc. A playlist is produced for each member of the group which is forwarded before the next meeting. We can therefore keep a record of pieces we have particularly enjoyed and may wish to hear again.

Computer Skills     

Meets 3 Tue
Details Having covered quite a number of vital topics, the group decided that one meeting per month would now be more convenient for us all. We now meet on the third Tuesday of the month, still at Tesco Community Room, 2 - 4pm. At the beginning of the meeting, there is often a presentation covering some aspect of computer use, but our most valuable feature is the open session, where we ask questions and share ideas. We often bring laptops/ notebooks/tablets, but these need to be charged up in readiness, as the number of plug sockets is limited. There is internet access, but this is open (ie not secure.)


Meets 1 Wed
Details We are a small friendly group, who share a love of cooking - and eating! We meet every month in each other's homes to share the preparation and cooking of a lunch, which we then enjoy together. We share recipes, tips and ideas. Numbers are limited due to the logistics - none of us have industrial sized kitchens! Some of the themes we have enjoyed so far include, a Spanish Tapas lunch, easy puddings, salads and basic Italian meals. The group is full at present. Pictures from our group can be found at:

Creative Writing     

Meets 3 Thu
Details We are a small group whose aim is to improve our writing skills and try out new forms of expressing ourselves in the written word through a monthly assignment and (friendly!) criticism. We are now in our 9th year so must be doing something right! The views and stories reflect our different experience and differing attitudes. The discussion following the consideration of each contribution is often as much about the nature of the content and the ideas behind it, as it is about its style and form. This is perhaps a verbose way of saying we learn more than just writing. Creative writing makes you think, but since the subject is the same for everyone, it is instructive and interesting to compare one's thoughts and interpretation with those of the other members of the group. Samples of our work can be found at links on the Shrewsbury U3A website ( We hope you enjoy reading it. If you would like to comment on any of the stories, please do so. If you are interested in joining us, please do get in touch. Our group can cater for up to 7 members.


Meets 1 Tue
Details This is a new group. Contact group coordinator for details.

Cryptic Crosswords (Beginners)     

Meets 2 Thu & 3 Mon
Details The cryptic crossword members are now divided into two smaller groups. One meets on the second Thursday at 2.00pm, and the other on the third Monday at 2.00pm. Both groups meet at the Tesco Community Room.


Meets Alt Wed & Thu
Details We formed in July 2017 and currently meet on alternate Wednesday's and Thursday's. Next meeting 29 November 2018. Currently we meet at The Stop Cafe, Greyfriars, Shrewsbury at 10.00 am. Members suggest routes and so far they have included ones to Upton Magna, Attingham, Haughmond and Longden, Pontesbury, Wellington, Hadnall. We try to factor in a coffee stop en route. We are of mixed cycling experience on average cycling about 20 miles mainly on quiet roads.

Digital Photography     

Meets 2 Wed
Details The Digital Photography group covers all aspects of the subject, from the technical and aesthetics basics of taking good photographs to the use of photo-processing software to enhance our pictures. There is a debate about computer "enhancement" as some consider that this is "cheating" by altering what the camera saw, but others see it as a way of improving a picture. This can be done by "cropping" the edges to remove unwanted and distracting background from a picture or by altering the brightness or contrast in the picture. Interestingly, these techniques and many others are not recent innovations as a result of the digital revolution but have been used in darkrooms since photography began in the nineteenth century! The group has now adopted Adobe Photoshop Elements (versions 11 - 18) as the standard photo process software used by the group. We meet monthly when we might view and discuss pictures that members have taken on an agreed topic or undertake a photo field trip. We also have training sessions led by members or talks on famous photographers or other subjects of interest to the group. The next meeting will be on the Wednesday 14th November 2018. We will meet at Louise House to review October's Ludlow visit images. Pictures from our group can be found at: Documents from our group can be found at:


Meets 2 Thu
Details The Economics group meets to consider any aspect of economics, with some emphasis on the basics, and current economic topics.

Exploring a Playscript     

Meets 4 Mon
Details The group investigates the myriad questions prompted by the play in hand. Having read a modern play about the first english actresses, and being fascinated by their lives and times, we are now looking at a comedy they would have acted in; Congreve's Love for Love, which is proving to be a very fruitful field of enquiry - and a great deal of rumbustious fun. New members welcome.

Exploring Mindfulness     

Meets 1 Mon
Details Members will be invited to share their understanding of what they believe mindfulness is. This can allow some clarity to be shared on any misconceptions. We will explore together how we feel it can be used in our daily life, and what benefits it offers. There could be a short enjoyable experiment with the group to demonstrate how mindful or not we really are.

Folk Music     

Meets 1 & 3 Tue
Details We are a friendly group who enjoy learning about traditional music from the UK or around the world.Some of us play instruments and sing; some just prefer to listen. You don't need to play an instrument or sing to come along. You might just enjoy finding out more about the subjects we cover in a friendly social group. We have a theme each month and some of the topics we have covered include Christmas and seasonal music; music in Thomas Hardy's novels; industrial folk music; protest songs; music about the sea; the Sixties folk revival. There's a charge of £1 per session which includes tea, coffee and biscuits. The meeting venue is accessible to the disabled, is next to the shopping centre and is easily reached by number 20 bus from the town centre. You will be made very welcome.

Food for Thought     

Meets 4 Fri
Details This new study group is not about dining out or cooking! Through a mixture of research/presentations/discussion and visits it aims to be an exploration of all things foody. Topics to be researched and discussed might include: > Changing eating habits – home-grown, fast food, eating out, fads and fashions > Food through the ages – e.g. Roman, Medieval, wartime, etc. > What’s in our food? > Changes in shopping habits – corner shop to supermarkets to on-line > Around the world in food > Celebration food - traditions and customs Visits could be made to: > Local producers > Market garden > Organic farm

Forest Bathing     

Meets 4 Tue
Details Jonathan Brown has recently joined U3A, and is keen to find out if any members would like to join him in walking with mindfulness through some of the atmospheric woods not far from Shrewsbury. The therapeutic benefits of doing so have long been recognised by people in Japan, where ‘Shinrin-Yoku’, translated into English as ‘forest bathing', means taking in the forest atmosphere during a leisurely walk. It is a therapy that was developed during the 1980s, becoming a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Jonathan will be leading a first walk through the Redwood Grove at Leighton, near Welshpool from 10am to noon on Tuesday the 27th of February, and thereafter on the fourth Tuesday of the month. If you would like to join him, or need more information, please phone or text him on 07497 142 485, or you can email (The Redwood Grove walk planned for Tuesday 27th February has been rescheduled due to adverse weather warnings. The walk will now take place on Tuesday 13th March).

French Beginners Plus     

Meets Every Thu
Details The group coordinator has provided no information about this group.

French Conversation 1     

Meets 2 & 4 Thu
Details The members of French Conversation 1 are mostly at the level of rusty "O" level French but we do our best to be disciplined and speak French throughout the meeting. We start with general conversation and then perhaps read and translate an article or play a word game. We finish with coffee and biscuits.

French Conversation 2     

Meets Alt Mon
Details French Conversation 2 is now well-established thanks to Marjorie's and Tony's advertising (which is recommended to anyone wishing to start up another group). In fact, the group is now full since 6 members are the ideal number for a language group if everyone is to have a fair chance to practise their speaking. We find plenty to talk about and also use a magazine produced for such groups. It has articles about French life and history and also some (but not too much) grammar. We meet fortnightly and are now good friends, which is what it is all about!

Garden Visits     

Meets 2 Wed
Details The group meets monthly to visit an interesting garden, often in the local area.


Meets 2 & 4 Tue
Details This is a small, friendly group who meet to converse in German. There is usually a short German text to read followed by discussion.

Golf Croquet     

Meets 2 & 4 Thu (April-August)
Details The Golf Croquet group was formed in 2011 and we have all enjoyed learning a new skill and had some good laughs. It is not like the strict game of croquet with lots of rules but more of a fun game. Our next season starts in April 2018. We play on 2nd & 4th Thursdays from April to the end of August, starting at 6 pm each evening. The group is full (18 members) at the moment so if you are interested you will be put on a waiting list. The Co-ordinator will contact you if there is a space for you.

Have Pass Will Travel     

Meets Pre-Arranged
Details A group for those keen to put their free bus pass to use. Our first outing to Ludlow on Monday 30th April was a wonderful success. On Friday 1st June we enjoyed a terrific day out in Bridgnorth. This new group now arranges a monthly excursion to foreign lands (beyond Shrewsbury) by encouraging you to make use of your free bus pass. We meet at Shrewsbury bus station (although, depending on the destination, you may be able to board at a more convenient bus stop) and travel together to a strange and distant town (in Shropshire, or a neighbouring county). On arrival, we typically go for a coffee and share ideas about what to visit or where to shop and some of the group members also arrange to meet again for a spot of lunch at a chosen time and venue. We equip ourselves with the bus return timetables and the group members decide how long they wish to stay at the destination town and catch their preferred bus back home to Shrewsbury. We have tremendous fun, there is great camaraderie, and the group members are free to be with others and spend time alone when they wish. As a Shrewsbury U3A member, you don't have to formally join the Have Pass Will Travel Group, just grab your 'twirly' bus pass and join us on our next outing that takes your fancy. Our group photos can be found at: Our travel documents can be found at:

History 1     

Meets 3 Wed
Details The History 1 group decides on a period of world history and members choose a subject relating to it that they would like to research. Their discoveries are shared with the group and everyone joins in with questions and discussion. History 1 is a long-established group interested in all aspects of world and local history military, political, philosophical, economic, social, biographical and the arts. Together we decide on an area to study and each choose topics to present to the group. The presentations always lead to lively discussion. Over the past couple of years, we have been looking at the eighteenth century, presently concentrating on the second half the Enlightenment. This continues to be a rich source of subject matter which we have not yet exhausted.

History 2     

Meets 2 Mon
Details At the History 2 group, each person takes it in turn to present a historical topic of their choice. Recent topics have included Constantinople - decline and fall, Four Medieval Queens, a history of Ellis Island. Presentations are followed by refreshments and discussion. In July, the group went on a walking tour of Shrewsbury, with members taking it in turn to give a potted history of a landmark. In December, we had a historical quiz, with members giving clues around the theme of Who/What/Where am I? Group size is limited due to the size of venue. At present, we are full. Previously the group has chosen to study the historical period 1815-1871. We have now decided to broaden our scope to include topics from any period. Topics can cover political, social, economic, military history of Britain or anywhere in the world.

History Science and Invention     

Meets 1 Fri
Details Meetings are held at premises having disabled access. Members of the History of Science and Invention group take it in turns to research, and make presentations upon, the development of science and technology through the ages, specific scientific discoveries and inventions, and the lives of eminent scientists and inventors. In the History of Science and Invention group we look into some of the other histories, for they are many and varied. During 2016 this has included the histories of: The Darwin & the Lighthouse Stevenson families Motor vehicles, their engines and engineers Rubber (from the eraser to the condom) The bicycle Guitar sound effects Garretts of Leiston Of course history can be approached by other routes such as through British Demographics (a fascinating session), or by considering particular endeavours. The room veritably heaved and creaked during the vivid narration of Captain Cooks Second Voyage of Discovery. Having now recovered from this querulous, almost queasy, passage, and not content with such a journey through space, we will be back in our seats in January for a journey through time; the topic: The History of the Calendar, dealing with such issues as: Is time invented or discovered? Is time rational or irrational? Why do we need to tame time? How did the ancients attempt to tame time? If you would like a ticket to ride on the monthly missions of this space-time roller coaster, you need to know that it docks monthly on the first Wednesday morning to take on board its intrepid crew. No previous knowledge of science or interstellar navigation required, just an enquiring mind and possibly, for the anxious, a packet of Kwells.


Meets 1 & 3 Wed
Details The Italian group is suitable for those with some basic knowledge of Italian vocabulary and grammar (as a guide a knowledge of the present, perfect and imperfect tenses would be assumed). The aim is to be able to speak and understand spoken Italian. Members have studied Italian for a number of years and are probably at a level described as 'intermediate'. If you contact the coordinator, he will be able to provide more detailed information about the activities of the group. Help from any member already fluent would be welcome. November 2018 update: We are focusing on talking more between ourselves in Italian. We aim to speak and read in Italian at each of our twice monthly meetings,as well as discussing vocabulary and grammatical points. Members often make presentations and everyone is encouraged to suggest or provide activities. If you think that this might be suitable for you, we would advise attending a meeting to 'get a feel' for what we do and to clarify the level. Documents relating to our group can be found at:

Italian Improvers     

Meets 2 & 4 Wed
Details We are a small group who enjoy brushing up on the Italian language. We are making steady progress but with strictly no pressure; the emphasis is on making learning a fun activity. At our meetings, keeping to a basic level, we follow text book exercises, revising vocabulary and useful verbs. We translate passages from various publications and devise other activities to make learning interesting and to help in expressing ourselves in the language. We use a laptop to listen to native speakers. This is also a social group and we meet for lunch once a month at a local restaurant. The group is full at the moment.

Jazz Appreciation     

Meets 2 Fri
Details The Jazz Appreciation group meets once a month to listen to and discuss a wide range of jazz. Members vary in their tastes. Consequently, we hear artists that we might not otherwise listen to, hear some artists for the very first time and discuss our likes and dislikes. Over the past couple of years, we have been listening to more contemporary jazz than before. As new members join, we are exposed to new things, which can lead to debate as to whether it is jazz or not. The normal format is for one member to talk about a particular musician, style of music, instrument or their own favourite tracks for the first half of the meeting. Then in the second half each member is invited to play a track that might be related to the first hour's topic. For up to date information and general Jazz news check out our private Facebook group:


Meets 1 Mon
Details The Knitting group is very relaxed and informal. You don't have to be a knitter as we will teach you how. We have some superb knitters who will pass on their skills to newcomers and knitters alike. The group is very friendly and we have some wonderful discussions about everything. Knitting has made a big comeback, so come along and see if you would like to join us. Numbers are limited to a maximum capacity of about 14 as we meet in a member's house. You will be made very welcome.


Meets 1 & 3 Thu
Details The Latin group began over six years ago. The group is led by our esteemed and knowledgeable coordinator Sue. We are a small group of 11 dedicated and lively members. Our introduction to Latin began with Cambridge Latin Course book 1. We are now at the end of Book 111, ready to start on Book 1V. The course has taken us to the city of Pompeii, Roman Britain, Egypt and Imperial Rome. Learning Latin is fun but hard work sometimes. We have adopted a light-hearted approach with plenty of friendly discussion to keep the spirit high. We are often asked, why Latin? Latin is a superb educational tool and one of the best ways of learning about Language. It provided the means by which Greek and Roman ideas and culture could spread throughout the west. It has had a powerful and lasting effect upon nearly all European languages including our own English language. If you have desire to learn this great language, you will find it a rich source of enlightenment and pleasure. We all get our refreshments from the bar and then spend about two hours studying. This will include digressions on Roman history, aspects of Roman society such as slavery, imperialism, the army and religion, among others. We also trace the origins of English vocabulary in the Latin, which is always fascinating, when contributions from group members are very welcome. We have a lot of fun but when brain death seems to be ensuing, we stop.

Local History     

Meets 2 Mon
Details The Local History group features talks from local historians on Shrewsbury and other places in Shropshire. Visits to places of local interest are organised as a follow-up to the talks.

Local History 2     

Meets 3 Fri
Details This group is currently full and cannot take any new members at present. Anyone wishing to join can add their name to the waiting list and we will be in touch on a monthly basis and let you know if there is a space available for that month. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate more than 25 at any meeting. We meet monthly on the third Friday of each month.

Looking at Art     

Meets 2 Tue
Details Looking at Art is a small group that has been meeting since April 2012. Individual members take turns at researching an aspect of their chosen subject, either painters or a particular period of art, and then present their findings to the other members usually by PowerPoint or with books. We have recently studied cave and rock art around the world, the Staffordshire Hoard and the art of the Egyptians. We now intend to work our way chronologically forward up to the beginning of the 20th century. We also intend to visit some galleries.

Luncheon Club 1     

Meets 2 Thu
Details The Luncheon Club 1 group provides an opportunity to meet together to talk over lunch. Lunches are organised at a variety of restaurants and pubs in Shrewsbury and the surrounding area and at a range of prices.

Luncheon Club 2     

Meets 4 Tue
Details The members of Luncheon Club 2 meet to enjoy lunch at a local pub or restaurant. Most of our venues are in the town or reachable by public transport. Members who are able take it in turns to choose a venue and organise the lunch. We have a limit of 30 in the group but we are usually operating around the 26 mark so can generally find room for 2 or 3 more. Ours is an ideal group if you want to meet new people and make friends. Pictures from our group can be found at:


Meets 2 & 4 Mon
Details We meet to learn and develop our skills in this fascinating game. It is often thought that mahjong is a very difficult game to play. In fact, it is like a card game except you use tiles and build walls - experiencing it is the only way. The group play regularly on the 2nd and 4th Monday afternoon of each month. The current group play a Chinese version of the game. This has reduced the number of combinations from the Western version often played by ex-pats. Our enthusiasm as a group has led to the following: 1. A social festive lunch when we were keen enough to play a game afterwards! 2. Creative talents. One member has hand-embroidered a tablecloth with the suits including virtues 3. Having seen in Third Age Matters that a mahjong group in Leeds has spent a weekend away playing mahjong, we are considering the same

Military History     

Meets 2 Thu
Details Our monthly meetings usually comprise of a presentation by a group member, on a topic of their choice, followed by an informal quiz when members each ask two or three questions and provide the answers. We don't keep score or mark results. We are here to enjoy ourselves. Pictures from our group can be found at:

Modern Art History     

Meets 4 Wed
Details The Modern Art History group began meeting in 2005 with aim of looking at movements and artists from Impressionism onwards. Over the past 10 years, we have worked our way up to contemporary artists. However, the addition of new members each year means that a number have missed artists and art movements that they would have liked to have studied. The result has been the development of a more eclectic programme. Since 2015/16, half the meetings are on post 1945 artists and half on revisiting earlier artists. In a typical meeting, 2 members will volunteer to talk about a particular artist/movement and show pictures for the whole group to discuss. Time allowing, another member will also talk about a particular picture/art work. With the aid of a laptop and projector, members of the group introduce various artists and movements to the rest of us as a basis for lively discussion. No previous knowledge is assumed and all are welcome. Our coordinator will be delighted to talk to anyone interested in joining us. Documents relating to our group can be found at:

Music Appreciation 1     

Meets 2 Fri
Details The members of Music Appreciation 1 watch, listen to and enjoy many aspects of music through composers, performers and types of group from ancient to modern, from soloists to large orchestras in countries and venues worldwide. There are so many personalities and occasions which contribute to enhancing our lives. We can widen the pleasure and enrichment of our own limited access through video and CD performances. The group meets to listen to music and to find out more about a range of interesting topics: performance, personalities, such as conductors, soloists and composers, and music competitions. Please note that this group coordinator has not registered a contact email address and cannot respond to electronic enquiries.

Music Appreciation 2     

Meets 4 Mon
Details As none of the group members of Music Appreciation 2 come from a trained musical background we prefer to use the title 'The Enjoyment of Music Group' as it is a more accurate portrayal of what happens at our meetings. We enjoy the sharing of personal musical favourites in the hope that they will also become the favourites of others. Some sessions are entirely led by individual group members, such as 'An Afternoon with Mozart' or 'The Beauty of Combined Voices'. At others everyone brings one or two pieces they like and which they associate with the theme of that particular meeting. 'Music in Films', 'A Musical Tourist to Vienna' and 'The Satanic and the Angelic in Music' are three typical examples. The group has enjoyed another varied and interesting year out at Yockleton. Some extremely well researched and well-presented sessions have been led by individual members, including a wonderful insight into Greek Music and its links with 20th Century history, a fascinating examination of brass in orchestral and band repertoires, also music from the Wurlitzer and its significance in popular culture. Other sessions have included Music & Revolution, Sir Thomas Beechams wit and lollipops, and favourites from one members collection of CDs. Last year's Christmas lunch at The Yockleton Arms and a group visit to the live screening of The Nut-Cracker Ballet, together with a variety of home-made cakes are indications of why this is such a popular group. It currently has a full complement of ten members.

Nature Watch     

Meets 4 Tue
Details The Nature Watch group has a different experience every month. It is all about having fun: looking at and listening to nature; plenty of fresh air and exercise; new venues; countless opportunities to identify and photograph birds, plants and insects, in fact the world of living things. All this while surrounded by beautiful scenery and always followed by a sociable lunch. As a group, we understand that not everyone is up for long walks through the countryside, yet our members still manage to enjoy some of nature at its best without having to trek for miles up hill and down dale. Along short paths and through woods, we have delighted at many sights. Every season seems to have its own story to tell when the landscape changes colour and new varieties of flora and fauna emerge. Our ventures over the years have been diverse; they have taken us to locations which include nature, history, archaeology and also sometimes our involvement by giving feedback for future plans for a range of sites. We have walked alongside ancient trees around Shawbury Moat whilst learning the mystery of the area. The group were bowled over by the colours in Erddig gardens. We identified a wealth of nature in Mousecroft Community Woodlands. What an interesting history we listened to from the management of Cardingmill Valley and the Long Mynd informing us of the upcoming proposals for the area. Then finding fossils/lichens on and around the Much Wenlock windmill whilst also sighting various orchids. Dolgoch Quarry and Llynclys Common both proved to have such a rich diversity of habitats. These are but a few of our nature trips during the past year. Dont let us forget the opportunities in abundance for photographers. At present, we have 28 members; not all attend each meeting as everybody has assorted responsibilities to work around. The group is now in a position to welcome a few more prospective new members. Pictures from our group can be found at:

One Club, The     

Meets 2 Tue
Details A group for U3A members who live on their own. The group aims to provide opportunities to socialise, share strategies, and to provide support to those who enjoy their own company but appreciate involvement with others. But apart from that, the group just enjoys getting together once per month for general Shrewsbury U3A chit-chat.

Philosophy Beginners     

Meets 4 Mon
Details With a full complement of 10 members, the Philosophy Beginners is theoretically maxed-out at the moment. We have decided to begin at a very basic level where we accept that we are all amateur philosophers without realising it. Up to now we have chosen a topic and each in turn gives their own thoughts on it. This naturally brings about a diversity of ideas and we find that they can sometimes be modified after listening to the various 'takes' on the topic. Then each member, at a very elementary level, reads up and talks about the principal ideas on the subject by two or three major philosophers. A further discussion ensues, which broadens our thoughts. The idea is not to feel swamped with complicated, sophisticated ideas until we become more comfortable with the subject and learn to take our biased, emotional spectacles off. A gradual revelation in other words. Then we have chosen to work through a book by Mel Thompson entitled 'Teach Yourself Philosophy'. We shall later discuss which path to take, a systematic study of the main philosophical ideas through the ages, starting with Socrates, or a study of the main conflicting, philosophical ideas in more depth. In other words a 6th formers (!!) preparation for a university degree. At every meeting someone different takes the chair (if they wish). No one is constrained to speak. If you just want to listen, that's fine.

Philosophy C     

Meets 2 Tue
Details The Philosophy C group started around the beginning of 2013. None of us has any academic expertise in philosophy and we are very much a self-help group. We use 'Western Philosophy: An Anthology' edited by John Cottingham as the starting point for our discussions. One member will propose a text from the Anthology, usually with a linked, sometimes topical, question at the end of one meeting. The group then read the text and any other related material they can find (the internet is a wonderful resource) for the next meeting. Our discussion at the meeting is based on the text that we've all read, what it means (if we understand!) and what the author is saying about the subject, together with discussion of any other relevant material that we've found on the internet or elsewhere. The discussion usually broadens out into other related issues, the relevance of the subject to other issues and other tangential points. We discuss the different approaches to see if we can reach our own conclusions. Recently we've covered areas as diverse as existentialism, morality, ethics, political obligation, free will, scientific progress and common sense, all discussed in a robust but informal way, with plenty of good natured and thoughtful debate.

Philosophy of Social Change     

Meets 1 & 3 Thu
Details The Philosophy of Social Change group is now in its third year, meeting in central Shrewsbury. New members are welcome but we seek to ensure that we keep our numbers to 10 or fewer. We take philosophy to be the analysis and clarification of ideas. For the most part social change appears to happen without planning and is something to which everyone is subject, irrespective of choice. Possibly in every generation, reflective people express frustration that the social arrangements in which they find themselves lack fairness, rationality, freedom or meaning. Galvanizing change in a preferred direction may, to some people, seem too urgent for (time-wasting) clarification of ideas. Others might consider the reverse, that ideologues are liable to put lives at risk and in any event guarantee new tyranny. Our field of study includes but is not limited to the philosophy of politics. The intention of the group is to read and reflect on writings which might improve our understanding of ideas concerning social change: whether, in what direction, and by what intervening steps, social progress might deliberately be achieved. We are currently reading works on the theme of Rights and Freedoms.Subsequent study is planned to concern The Purpose of Government, Socialism and Utopianism, then Nationalism and Internationalism.

Poetry Appreciation 1     

Meets 1 Wed
Details A poem is 'a machine made of words', according to the American poet W.C.Williams. At Poetry Appreciation 1, sometimes we've found the 'machines' judder and halt - as in our sessions on Chaucer and Emily Dickinson, though the cogs, levers and pulleys of their poems were running more smoothly after our discussion. In the past few months, our verbal spanners and screwdrivers have been at work on the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy, Pablo Neruda, Tennyson, Owen Sheers, Simon Armitage, Milton, Shakespeare, Elizabeth Bishop, and poems about such topics as towns and cities, growing up, travel and birds. We also have a regular 'mystery poem' and 'desert island poems' sessions. We have argued a lot. But, as someone once said, "Poetry will find consensus where politics never can".

Poetry Appreciation 2     

Meets 3 Wed
Details The Poetry Appreciation 2 group started the year with ten people and has had a reasonable monthly attendance. We meet in private homes and are very grateful to Phoebe who is our regular gracious hostess, but manage to find other hosts on occasions when necessary. Unfortunately, a couple of regular attendees have now left to live nearer their families. We shall miss them and their valuable contributions, but wish them well in their new homes and hope they find other poetry events suitable for their knowledge and experience. We have also lost touch with others (Guy, if you are reading this, please let us know your email address or phone number so we can keep in touch). In January, Phoebe read several modern women poets, showing we are not limited to classic poets but embrace a range of styles. In February, Christine read accessible favourites, The Listener, The Highwayman, The Eagle, as we welcomed some who professed to be new to poetry, but have since proved to be keen and perceptive critics. In March, we had a discussion on William Blake, with everyone researching the poet and bringing their favourite poems of his for a combined picture of the poet and his work. Everyone felt this worked well, as by individuals sharing our combined experience, we learnt more than by listening to one person. This is the format we now use and it has proved to be enjoyable and helpful, the mixing of ideas illuminating aspects of the poem we might otherwise have missed. All were amazed at the number and variety of his poems, and we only lightly touched on his artistic etching and paintings. In April, we explored some of the very many poems written by Christina Rossetti, poems for children, well-known poems, (Remembrance, for example, commonly used at funerals) and some of her devotional poems. We did, however, feel the overall effect of reading many of the poems was depressing. Next, we will research another woman poet, the famous wife of Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning. In June we should study another male poet! We would welcome more contributors and more men to give us a more comprehensive view of poetry.

Practical Photography     

Meets Last Tue
Details We are an informal group of amateur but enthusiastic snappers. We concentrate on getting the best results from our cameras, lenses and filters, rather than software manipulation and enhancement. We have a theme every month and in the last few months these have included "Action Shots", "Urban Photography", Water and Rivers" and "Night Photography". In the next few months we will cover "Spring Flowers", "Woodland", "Birds in Flight", and "Clouds". We arrange regular local field trips which recently included Bodenham Botanic Gardens, Llangollen, and Ludlow. Generally, we share experiences and techniques, learning from each other. If you are a beginner, a gifted amateur, a social photographer, or a professional willing to share your knowledge we would welcome you to our group. Pictures from our group can be found at:

PROPOSED - Classical Music     

Details This is a PROPOSED new group. If you are a member of Shrewsbury U3A, you may add your name to the waiting list of this group and you will be contacted when an inaugural meeting is to be arranged.

PROPOSED - Drawing & Painting     

Details This is a proposed group which does not yet exist. You can register your interest here. When sufficient members have done so I will arrange a meeting to take the group forward Marjorie Farnsworth New Groups Facilitator

PROPOSED - Greek Beginners     

Details This is a PROPOSED group. It does not yet exist. If you are interested in joining, please click on the "Join group" link or contact me. Once there is sufficient interest, I will call an inaugural meeting in order to launch the group. Tony Town New Groups Facilitator

PROPOSED - Pétanque     

Details This is a PROPOSED group. It does not yet exist. If you are interested in joining, please click on the "Join group" link or contact me. Pétanque (boules) can be played on almost any flat, open space but preferably loose gravel. Any ideas for a suitable location? Once there is sufficient interest, I will call an inaugural meeting in order to launch the group. Tony Town New Groups Facilitator


Meets 2 Thu
Details This group aims to learn about the reasons for human behaviour by studying a broad range of psychological theories. No previous knowledge of the science is needed, just an interest in a subject of great relevance to our lives and relationships.

Reading 1     

Meets 4 Wed
Details From a choice of books offered by Shrewsbury Library members of the Reading 1 group select 12, aiming to read some books outside our comfort zone to broaden our horizons. Each month we read one of these before the meeting then, on the day, we discuss its strengths and weaknesses. It is stimulating, and revealing when we are not in agreement. It reinforces the argument that while our individual thoughts are invaluable, they can often be prejudiced too. According to the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, a co-operative society with a strong benevolent leader is needed to steer us along a considered and enlightened path. Discussion of the book leads us naturally on to the issues it has highlighted. If all this sounds stuffy, believe me it's not. We're a friendly, relaxed group and we have lots of laughs.

Reading 2     

Meets 1 Wed
Details Another twelve months of interesting reading and enjoyable discussions has passed by for the Reading 2 group. When asked by the Shrewsbury U3A Editor to put together a "piece" for the newsletter we initially said, "What do we do, we just read!" But then "what do we read?" An interesting discussion followed and from titles and names put in we suddenly realised that we have considerably widened the scope and style of our reading choices since we first got together, some years ago now. This year we have learned a lot from reading books such as "Colour Bar", (recently a film), about politics in Southern Africa; "The Story of Lucy Gault (William Trevor) about the troubles in Ireland; how to collect marbles in "The Marble Collector" by Cecilia Aherne; the gossip about Charles Dickens' secret mistress in Claire Tomalin's "The Invisible Woman"! We try to keep up to date on the latest reviews and take it in turns to suggest titles, which we decide on by consensus. We may not always like the same topics but the sharing of our ideas means we have a good variety of things to talk over. We were sorry to lose one of our long-standing members early this year when she left to live in France but we keep her in the picture and enjoy her emails. What will we read this coming year? Who knows yet, but I am sure it will be well worth making the effort.


Meets 4 Thu
Details The Scrabble group is well-established and consists of friendly members who play by the rules... but for enjoyment. We play two or three games and then have tea and biscuits. Please note that this group coordinator has not registered a contact email address and cannot respond to electronic enquiries.


Meets 2 Wed
Details New members welcome. Friendly, inclusive but mind stretching group been going for over 12 months and is beginning to look at the major sociological topics, e.g. family, work and leisure, etc. Now in 2nd year & now need a better gender balance so would welcome more men.

Spanish Conversation     

Meets 2 & 4 Wed
Details This group reformed on the 10 May 2017. Additional information will be added idc. There are currently 6 members in the group.

Table Tennis 1     

Meets 1 & 3 Fri
Details Hi Everyone, This group is now full. We are fun and vibrant group who love our ping pong. We enjoy our coffee and chat half way through each session (it is often hard to get a word in edgeways!). Let me remind you of our lunch date on the 15th Dec at the Red Barn. Claire and I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for making this such an enjoyable group. Long may it continue!

Table Tennis 2     

Meets Alt Tue
Details This is a small group who want to play singles as opposed to doubles and due to the nature of this activity we ere looking initially for a group of 10. At present we have 8.

Table Tennis 3     

Meets 2 & 4 Fri
Details Our group is now full. We have started a waiting list and you could phone Tony Knapp (on 01743 365602) to ask to be entered there

Tai Chi     

Meets Every Sat
Details The group coordinator has provided no information about this group.

Theatre Trips     

Meets Pre-Arranged
Details Members interested in attending a particular theatre trip should contact the group co-ordinators ( When a theatre trip is planned, those who have signed up for the outing will receive a letter giving details of the trip and an application form if they wish to join the trip. This helps members who might miss notices placed on the noticeboard at U3A meetings. Our planned trips are regularly announced at the Shrewsbury U3A monthly meetings at Theatre Severn and displayed in the Shrewsbury U3A online calendar, newsletter and private Facebook group.

Topical Discussion 1     

Meets 2 Tue
Details The Topical Discussion 1 group enjoys stimulating debate on a range of topical issues in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Topical Discussion 2     

Meets 2 Wed
Details The Topical Discussion 2 group began in March 2014. There are currently 9 members, so more members are very welcome to join for discussion sessions on topics of contemporary interest.

Touch Tennis     

Meets Fortnightly
Details This is Tennis but played on half the size of a normal tennis court. It can be played on a badminton court. You play using a large racquet and a soft ball. It has all the benefits of playing normal tennis such as gaining flexibility, coordination, competitiveness and agility and of course it is great fun. It is great for anyone who can no longer run round a full size tennis court but still enjoys hitting a ball. Touch Tennis is quite addictive and a great sport for someone new to the game, as the rules are easy to pick up and obviously it is a much slower game than normal tennis which makes it perfect for those wanting to maintain their overall fitness levels in a socially fun environment with like‑minded people.


Meets Pre-Arranged
Details Regular trips and outings are arranged for Shrewsbury U3A members. Details of the forthcoming trips are advertised in the monthly newsletter, on the Shrewsbury U3A website and in the events calendar. Members interested in attending a particular outing should contact Seeven, the group co-ordinator at


Meets Every Tue
Details The Ukulele group continues to meet every week on a Tuesday afternoon at the 'Inn on The Green' pub in Radbrook, for a lively strumming and singing session, which normally lasts for two hours. We have built up a varied song collection and take it in turns to choose the songs and run the sessions to ensure that we all get a chance to play our favourite tunes and songs. Over the last year, we have played to a range of audiences, including residential homes, day centres and community clubs throughout the district. We have a great deal of fun playing and singing and it's a bonus to be able to share some of this with other people. We have also enjoyed two meals out together and an inspiring trip to see The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at the Theatre Severn. At present we have 26 committed members in the group but can cater for around 30 people, therefore, we currently have vacancies and would welcome enquiries from new members and offer help to anyone who wants to learn the ukulele. We can even provide the loan of a Ukulele, for anyone without an instrument. There is a charge of £1 per session which includes a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit. We have built up a wide-ranging repertoire of songs old and new(ish). We try to perform each one better every time and we have a lot of FUN. The ukulele is designed to be as easy as possible to play - absolute beginners can master their first two chords and be strumming along with the rest of us in twenty minutes. We were all beginners not so long ago. No ability to read music is needed although it does help if you know (or, with a little prompting, can remember) the tunes of popular songs of the 20th century. You bring the ukulele, we provide the song sheets. Lots of song sheets! Photographs and video clips of our group can be found at:

Walkers 1     

Meets 1 & 3 Thu
Details The members of the Walkers 1 group meet come rain or shine, unless extreme weather conditions occur. A typical walk is between 5 and 7 miles, and walks are led in turn by members of the group. On occasions, particularly if there is a fifth Thursday in the month, a longer walk (up to 9 miles) may be undertaken. The terrain will vary and may include some steep ascents and descents and uneven ground. All walkers should be fully and properly equipped and have stout walking boots. Shorter walks usually finish at a location where walkers can enjoy a sociable pub lunch. On longer walks we sometimes have a packed picnic lunch. Walkers 1 (originally called The Walking Group) has been around practically since the formation of Shrewsbury U3A 25 years ago. It was nurtured in the early years and for quite a long time by Barbara D. who was succeeded by Philip & Lyn M. and then by Mike B. The group has always been an active and friendly crowd supporting the coordinator and leading a variety of interesting and challenging walks. True to the U3A ethos, we have used our Outdoor Shropshire Study Centre to continue learning about the flora and fauna, geography, geology, local and industrial history, and of the people who have made a difference, engineers and scientists, poets and pitmen and much more. A cursory scan though our records indicates that up to 100 members have been part of our group over the years and maybe more. However, there is still room for more, so why not try out our friendly crowd?

Walkers 2 Hill Strollers     

Meets Every Thu
Details The Walkers 2 Hill Strollers group meets at the Meole Brace Park & Ride. We try to combine good scenery, a goodly trek (6 to 8 miles with some hills) and an interesting lunch, preferably at some suitable watering hole for the weary traveller. We are now almost fully subscribed but you are welcome to come along for a testing little trek with a small but perfectly formed gathering of convivial folk. Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather - only inappropriate clothing. Pictures from our group can be found at: Documents relating to our group can be found at:

Walks (6-8 miles)     

Meets 5 Wed
Details This is a new friendly group started to walk on the 5th Wednesday of the month, the walks will be between 6 and 8 miles with varying degrees of difficulty which will be made available before each walk. Some of the walks might be a on the edge of the county or a little bit further.A coffee and picnic break will be taken. It is not a requirement that members need to lead a walk. We will meet at the Radbrook Green Shopping Centre 9.15 for 9.30am and leave as a group sharing vehicles.

Walks Just Walking     

Meets 2 & 4 Mon
Details The Walks Just Walking group has been appropriately named because, unlike the other walking groups, we do not finish with a pub lunch. This enables us to be more flexible. We walk between 6 and 8 miles at a steady pace, but stopping to take in views and any objects of interest. We have enjoyed a number of walks in the past year, including the 'ascent' of Corndon and both Clee hills. Although we have been rained on, we have always managed to eat our picnic outside. We would welcome more enthusiastic walkers. Pictures from our group can be found at:

Walks Medium 1     

Meets 2 & 4 Thu
Details The Walks Medium 1 group consists of around 25 members who enjoy walking together and having lunch afterwards. We walk for about 5 miles enjoying the countryside and conversation, then go to a country pub. We like a bit of a challenge to raise our heart-rate. We value members' contributions to our knowledge of the wildlife, industrial archaeology, local history and geology as we go. Our numbers are of a convenient size for lunch at small characterful pubs. Pictures from our group can be found at:

Walks Medium 2     

Meets 1 & 3 Thu
Details Members of the Walks Medium 2 group walk for approximately two to two-and-a-half hours covering an approximate maximum distance of six miles. Walks normally take place within the county but we have been known to stray over the border into Wales. The pace of walking can be described as fairly leisurely and we tend not to do any too strenuous walks involving hills and mountains, generally sticking to low undulating areas. All walks are planned, organised and led by individual members or jointly with another. On average this would result in members organising at least one walk per year. If members commence at the Park and Ride they share lifts to minimise expenditure and to enjoy one another's company. Rates payable to the drivers are in accordance with those set out by the U3A. The best part of the day for many members is that, on completion of the walk, we participate in lunch and some light refreshment in a local pub before returning home. To summarise: members enjoy getting out and about in the countryside, participating in a reasonable amount of gentle exercise, visiting some good pubs and, above all, enjoying each other's company. Pictures from our group can be found at:

Walks Medium 3     

Meets 1 & 3 Wed
Details We are a happy welcoming group of walkers who like to get out in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. We meet in the carpark behind The Beaten Track pub in Old Potts Way Shrewsbury ,to share cars to the start point of our walk and normally return around 3pm. A donation of. £1-£3 is given to car drivers depending on return milage to and from Beaten Track. Each walk is led by a member who recci,s. the Walk prior to emailing the group full details of their walk. Our walks are 4 to 5 miles long and are suitable for those who enjoy terrain which is reasonably easy in nature ,we don't do steep hills , We try to limit the number styles if possible and walk in different parts of the county. We end our walks with a pub lunch. We have 17 members at present and welcome new members. If you would like to join us please contact. Julia Bradley on 01743. 244327. Pictures from our group can be found at:

Walks Medium 4 Hilly     

Meets 2 & 4 Wed
Details Members of the Walks Medium 4 Hilly group meet at the Travel Lodge car park below Dobbies. From there we share lifts and enjoy a pub or picnic lunch after the walk - usually 4 to 6 miles with varied terrain including ascent and descent. Pictures from our group can be found at:

Walks Medium 5 Hilly     

Meets 1 & 3 Wed
Details We walk on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month, meeting at the Travelodge parking (beyond Dobbies) for 9.30 start, sharing cars to the start point for the walk, usually within 40 minutes drive from Shrewsbury. The walks offer a variety of terrain up to 6 miles in distance, with ascents and descents. Rough terrain and stiles may also be encountered. We walk at a steady pace but always have time for a coffee break as well as pauses to allow the group to keep together. At the end of the walk we enjoy a pub lunch together. On occasion an afternoon commitment might mean that someone misses the lunch but so long as (s)he can provide their own transport, that's ok. We ask for volunteers to choose and to lead walks, and information is emailed out to members a few days in advance. We are a friendly group and if you'd like to know more, please get in touch with Heather, our group coordinator. We invite you to try a walk with us before you commit to joining the group. We normally get back to Shrewsbury by 2.30 to 3pm approx. This depends on time of car journey, length of walk, and speed of service at pub. We usually pre-order our meals to make sure we're not waiting long.

Walks Short     

Meets 1 & 3 Thu
Details We walk leisurely for about 3 miles, avoiding hills where possible, and enjoy looking at views, flowers and wildlife. We then lunch at a local pub.

Welsh Beginners     

Meets 2 & 4 Tues
Details This group is a self-study group, using DVDs and tutorial materials.

Whist for Beginners     

Meets 4 Wed (not July, August or December)
Details A group for anyone interested in learning to play whist is held from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm in Radbrook Community Centre, Bank Farm Road. Please note that there are no meetings in July, August and December. There are only a small number of basic rules of whist, and these will be explained to complete beginners at the start of the session. The main focus is on learning by playing games of whist, and any points of play will be discussed as they arise during games. Whist is a game for four players, in two partnerships, and ideally there should be at least four present to enable games to be played throughout the session. There is no break for refreshments during the session but there is a cafe nearby in the Radbrook shopping centre.