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Architecture and Local History     

Meets 1st Monday
Details We organise meetings, sometimes with speakers, (venue usually Carers Together) during the winter months and trips to reflect our interests in the others.

Art Appreciation     

Meets By arrangement

Bird Watching     

Meets By arrangement
Details We share travel to birding sites chosen for their good bird watching at the times of year they are most rewarding. Usually they have hides to view from. We are enthusiastic beginners fortunate enough to have some more experienced birders accompanying us. If there is a café or pub nearby, we take a social break there. If you wish to come on our visits, then please phone or email the contact named a few days before. They may have to book the group visit with the venue and/or café and give an estimate of numbers in advance. Let the contact know if you are willing to drive or if you need a lift, so that sharing of transport can be arranged, and leave a means of contact should the trip needs to be cancelled.

Books for Pleasure     

Meets second Monday pm


Meets 1st Monday

Bridge for Improvers     

Meets Every Wednesday
Details Basic knowledge of Bridge necessary.


Meets 1st & 3rd Mon afternoons; & 2nd Tues evening 7pm 
Details We meet in members homes and so the number of members at each meeting is limited usually to two tables (8 people) New members will now be accepted - including those who do not yet know the game but would like to learn. The evening sessions are not so quickly filled as the Monday afternoons - On Tuesday's we meet at 7.00 and finish about 10.00pm.


Meets by arrangement
Details Usually we see films at the Town Hall (twice a month on Mondays) at the 3.30 pm performance and discussion afterwards takes place at the White Horse Hotel.


Meets 2nd Wednesday p.m.

Creative Writing     

Meets 4th Monday p.m.

Current Affairs     

Meets 2nd Tues of month 2.15 p.m. ExceptJuly, Aug., Dec.
Details Please note that there is no parking available on site.

Digital Photography     

Meets 2nd Thursday a.m.
Details We have a monthly theme for photographs and show them at meetings. Friendly conversation and discussion.

English Literature     

Meets 4th Tuesday p.m.

Enjoying Music     

Meets Last Wednesday p.m.

French 1     

Meets Twice monthly, Monday a.m.

French 2     

Meets Twice monthly, Monday
Details We work at an Intermediate level using,mainly a bimonthly French magazine, plus other varied resources.

French Conversation     

Meets 4th Wednesday  a.m.
Details Held once a month on the 4th Wednesday in my flat. There is a waiting list at the momment.

Games Friday     

Meets Fridays

Garden Visits 1     

Meets 1st Friday a.m.

Garden Visits 2     

Meets 3rd Thursday a.m.


Meets 4th Wednesday except December

Geography & Geology     

Meets third Tuesday of the month pm
Details This is a brand new group. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 17th March 2 pm at Carers Together Love Lane.

German Conversation     

Meets Monday every two weeks pm

History Social and General     

Meets 1st Monday (not Bank Hols.)


Meets 4th Tuesday of each month am
Details This is a new group and we are trying to establish a semi-formal programme of activities led by Philip Jeffs.

Industrial Heritage     

Meets Winter 2nd Mon; Apr to Nov visits 
Details We meet at Crosfield Hall in the winter months. From April-November, we visit sites of interest -- including heritage railways, museums, a brewery or two, and some "behind the scenes" tours. See webpage for details.

Introduction to Computers     

Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month 2pm
Details This is a new group and will commence on Wednesday 20th February at 2pm. Contact the coordinator for details.


Meets Winter months and Summer field trips
Details iSnappers caters for photographers that which to improve there photographic skills and master the advance controls of digital photographic equipment. We also have monthly field trips from April until November. Excluding August

Italian Beginners     

Meets Mondays weekly

Italian Improvers     

Meets By arrangement but usually every Thursday
Details For members who have previously studied Italian and wish to improve their communication skills

Italian Intermediate     

Meets every Friday
Details This group is for people who already have some knowledge of Italian and would like to learn more.

Latin 2     

Meets Twice monthly, Monday  a.m.
Details We are using the Oxford Latin Course Book 3 to learn Latin grammar. For Latin poetry and prose we are using the Cambridge Latin Anthology. If anyone new wishes to join the group they would need to be about this standard of Latin.

Latin Literature     

Meets By arrangement

Luncheon Group     

Meets Varies but usually the 2nd Thursday of the month

Mah Jong     

Meets 1Tuesday followed by 3 Thursdays 2pm


Meets By arrangement

Music Appreciation     

Meets 4th Wednesday  p.m.
Details Please contact Michael as above if you wish to join this group. Our Activities: Our interest is in classical music of all types. The topic for each meeting is set the previous month. Members bring relevant CDs which are played and discussed. Two hours filled with pleasure and interest. The group has room for new members so if you are interested in joining or for more information please contact the Coordinator. At present the group is limited to 10 due partly to space and we wouldn't have time to play everyone's choice if more people came.

Natural History     

Details This is a brand new group which will be set up formally later in the year when we return to normal. Please send your name to Margaret to be put on the list.

Novices Italian     

Meets Mondays 3pm
Details A brand new group for enthusiastic beginners of Italian. Members meet in each others' houses.

Opera and Classical Song     

Meets 2nd Monday of the month

Painting 1     

Meets Thursday mornings throughout the year.
Details This is a friendly group of about a dozen people meeting to paint together and help each other. There is no formal tuition. We use various media - watercolour, acrylic, pastel, pen and wash, watercolour pencils, etc.

Painting 2     

Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesday  a.m.


Meets Last Friday of the Month 2.15pm, Jan-Nov
Details The word philosophy means love of wisdom. One definition is: ‘Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.’ You will find many attempts to offer succinct definitions about a subject that touches all areas of knowledge. Knowledge does not stand still. So, as what we know changes then, appropriately, our enlightened reasoning about any related matter should also be up for review. We can often see cultural influences and personal experiences reflected in the works of philosophers, past and present. In a philosophical discussion, we need to weigh arguments, considering the evidence, the logic and reasonableness on all sides of the issue. We should try to use reason and not rely on feelings to support a thread of thoughts. The Philosophy Group takes a broad approach to learning about and discussing the subject in an open and friendly atmosphere. All are free to share their thoughts. We meet on the last Friday of the month, 2:15 - 4:00 pm. If you are interested to join us or would like to learn more about the group, please contact the group coordinator for further information.


Meets Fridays
Details Venue is Sports Hall at Mountbatten School. Equipment provided.


Meets second Monday of the month


Meets 1st Wednesday
Details We have 160 members, and try to offer a varied programme of interesting visits. We organise nine day trips per year (Feb-July and Sept-Nov)in a 53 seater coach, usually on the first Wednesday of the month. We send out three newsletters per year, each containing details of three trips, with appropriate information of each, plus booking forms. Membership costs £3.00 per year.


Meets By arrangement

Short Day Trips     

Meets 4th Thursday
Details We organise trips and visits for our members'enjoyment and arrange transport when required. It is each member's own responsibility to be at the designated meeting points on time, to have a certain amount of independent mobility and accept responsibility for him or herself when participating in a trip. In the event of a trip being fully booked, we do start a waiting list so that, if we receive a cancellation, we will try to find a replacement. However, as we have to pay coaches and most venues well in advance, we cannot guarantee a refund unless we are able to fill the space.

Short Mat Bowls     

Meets Wednesday evenings every week Jan- Apr, Sept - Dec
Details We are the guests of Wellow Short mat bowls club at Wellow village hall. Please phone Jo if you wish to go along for a trial lesson.


Meets 4th Monday


Meets every Thursday
Details This group will start on 5th September at a pre-arranged venue.All levels of Spanish will be welcome. Contact Vincent : 07761475910


Meets 2nd Wednesday am & 4th Friday am
Details This is a new group and a programme of walks has yet to be finalised. More details from Sandra.

Table Tennis For All     

Meets Friday
Details A friendly, non competitive, social group at £1 per wk. or £10 per qtr. subject to how regular you wish to attend. We primarily play single's games, but often doubles, depending on attendance levels on the day. Group currently full,(but always check with me), as at 2020. New groups can be started at any time. (squash courts, Romsey Rapids).

Table Tennis Improvers     

Meets Mondays
Details Meet at the Rapids. Starting from the beginning of March 2018 new time as above. Invoice received at the end of each month and is paid by cash and a receipt is kept on file by me. Money is collected each week, and should there be a surplus, a free week is given. I keep a record of money received and invoices paid. Have a possible 2 members joining us soon, 1 more player required.

Table Tennis Intermediate     

Meets Mondays
Details Meeting at The Rapids squash court


Meets Wednesdays
Details you can also contact : John Broughall : or 01794 502222

Theatre trips     

Meets as and when


Meets 2nd Tuesday
Details We meet on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss forthcoming trips and trips already taken. Our aim is to encourage members to suggest places to visit and help any member with organising air, coach or rail journeys.


Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesdays a.m.
Details We undertake walks in the Romsey, New Forest and Winchester areas, principally between the River Itchen and the West of the New Forest, lasting typically between 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Members cars are used to reach the walk start and lift sharing is encouraged once insurance has been checked.

Wine Appreciation Group     

Meets 2nd Thursday of the Month, evenings
Details Members lead group tasting and information finding on wines ,grapes or countrys of their choice, budget controlled. Visits to local vineyards for guided tours and tasting, guest speakers, with any additional cost spread across members attending. £5.00 membership with £5.00 each session attended.