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All Seasons Walking Group     

Meets 2nd Tuesday in the month
Venue Outdoor activity
Contact aswalks@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Walks continue on a monthly basis, subject to Govt COVID-19 guidelines. The group is full, however our waiting list remains open, please contact Richard via email link. Please see E.G. u3a web site - https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/42363 - for further information


  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 3rd Tuesday in the month
Venue Outdoor activity
Contact ambling@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We meet at the start of our walk on the 3rd Tuesday of every month for a walk of between 4 and 5 miles within a 15 mile radius of East Grinstead. We are a very friendly ambling group of up to 36 members and we usually finish our walk with lunch at a local pub although not everyone stays. Amblers are notified of meeting point and details of the walk by email, and group members are asked to confirm whether they are walking or not, and whether they intend to join us for lunch. (Bookings are made individually direct to the pub) We walk at a leisurely ambling pace and help each other over stiles and along the way. All amblers need to be reasonably fit and have suitable walking clothing with boots and walking poles for walking in all seasons and weather conditions. Brian Foxwell/Ken Stacey

Basic Bridge     

Meets Every Tuesday
Venue Forest Row Community Centre Main hall - map
Contact BBridge@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details The Basic Bridge group will be hopefully meeting again in the Forest Row Community Centre each Tuesday at 2pm for two hours once the all-clear is given about lockdown. For more details go to our web page. Please copy this link into your browser. https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/95042

Book Club 1     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets First Tuesday in the month
Venue East Grinstead Museum - map
Contact Book1@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Books are selected by members of the group and the library service reserves them for us on a group ticket. No one is obliged to lead a discussion although everyone is encouraged to contribute their ideas and responses. Currently we have no vacancies but email me if you wish to join the waiting list. To find out more copy this link into your browser to view our web page ==> https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/19448 Judith Wells

Book Club 2     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 3rd Wednesday in the month
Venue Private
Contact book2@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details To find out more, copy this link into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/19491

Book Club 3     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 3rd Thursday in the month
Venue Private
Contact TBA
Details Objective The aim of the group is to encourage discussion and to try something new. Books are chosen by the group with a variety of genres and authors, bearing in mind the availability of the books chosen. Obtaining the books These are usually obtained from the WSCC Library Service. A small fee is paid for this service on top of a £2 meeting attendance fee if numbers exceed 8. Coffee and tea are provided along with biscuits and cake! To find out more, copy this link into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/19523 Fi Harvie

British Cinema Social history     

Meets 4th Tuesday pm in the month
Venue The Glebe Centre - map
Contact socialh@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details For latest information visit the British Cinema Social History web page. Copy this link into your browser:https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/112968

British History     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 1st and 3rd Friday i the month
Venue Forest Lodge - map
Contact brithy@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details The British History group works mainly through discussions. We are studying the Plantagenets and are nearly at the end of Edward 1,reigned 1272-1307, who battled with the Welsh and Scottish. Edward 11,1307-1327, and Piers Gaveston. Since September 2019 we have again been looking at British History, using any available material from books,the Internet,DVD or any other available documentation. We are not just interested in "Kings and Things" but consider the people and developments of the time as well. To find out more copy this link into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/19524 The two group leaders are Rita des Forges and Jan Langridge

Computing assistance     

Meets TBA
Contact Groups@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Just about to be relaunched! To find out more please go to our web page. Copy and paste the following into your browser. https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/91782

Country Walking     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 4th Wednesday in the month
Venue Outdoor activity
Contact ctryw@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Country Walking Group general information. Walks are normally about 5 miles but could range between 4 to 6 miles. Each month an email is sent to all CWG members with an attachment giving full details of the walk venue and the times to depart which is normally 10:15 An attendance fee of 50p will be collected before the walk. After the walk is completed, walkers will normally have the option of a pub lunch. To find out more, paste the following link into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/19467 Gary Wood / Brian Sherwin


Meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays in the month
Venue EG Trinity Methodist Cafe - map
Contact craft@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We are a very friendly group of people with a wide range of 'crafty' skills which we are always willing to share. At present these skills include knitting, crochet, cross stitch, embroidery and card making in various forms. The group generally meets on the first and third Wednesday afternoons of the month from two until four o'clock, during term time. We have room for new members so, if you would like a relaxing afternoon of craft and chat, please come and give us a try. Ruth Dymock

Creative Writing     

Meets 1st Friday in the month
Venue Private
Contact TBA
Details Creative Writing 2 is a friendly and supportive group. Members are encouraged to expand their style and try something new and different in creative and/or memoir writing and poetry. We read out our efforts and invite positive feedback and encouragement from group members. During the tea and ‘delicious extras’ break we participate in a short writing exercise which focuses on different writing techniques. Members have an opportunity to choose monthly topics if they so wish. We love our Creative Writing group! Janine Boutelje

Current Affairs     

Meets 3rd Thursday in the month
Venue Private
Contact curaff1@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details The Current Affairs group has just restarted meetings. For detailed information please visit our web page. Copy the following link into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/28982 Lester Medcalf

Discussion group 1     

Meets First Wednesday in month
Venue Private
Contact 01342 832958
Details I host Discussion Group 1 and we use any media, topical or personal subject to consider during our two hour meeting. Being a friendly get together ensures that all opinions are expressed,even the quite strong ones. If we had a motto I think it would be: 'We can disagree without being disagreeable'. We meet once a month and after refreshments everyone is given the time to make their point of view known on the various topics they wish to raise on that day. We have held monthly meetings all year round since 1999 so we seem to have found a format that works for all the group members

Exploring Sussex     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday in the month
Venue St Swithun's church hall - map
Contact sussex@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details This is a large, very friendly, and popular group, normally meeting at 1:30pm for 2:00 pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in St Swithen’s Church Hall. We are interested in exploring a wide variety of topics associated with the County, with talks and visits as diverse as aspects of local history in and around East Grinstead (including behind the scenes preparations for WW2) to a visit to Newhaven Fort and museum to see evidence of preparations for defence in earlier times. We have had talks and tours around Sussex villages with supporting in-house talks before our visits where possible. In fact should a person suggest a particular interest, they are signed up as a speaker at once! On the social side, we finish our meetings with a cup of tea accompanied with lots of chat. At the turn of the year we have a New Year’s party with fun and games and we always finish the year with a garden party. Shirley King

Family History for Beginners     

Meets 3rd Thursday of the month
Venue Private
Contact graham@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details This is a course for those who would like to find out more about their family but do not know how to go about it. In nine monthly meetings, knowledge is built up of where to find the necessary information and how to use it. Topics covered include civil registration (birth, marriage and death certificates), the national censuses, parish registers, wills and a variety of other sources including military records, directories and newspapers. The instruction concentrates on England and Wales although Scotland is covered to a limited extent. In addition, practical exercises are undertaken to illustrate how to use the various resources. Access to a computer linked to the internet is essential. Meetings are held in a private house in East Grinstead, from September to May, usually on the third Thursday of each month, starting at 10am and lasting for about two hours. Group members are expected to undertake their own research and so must be prepared to set aside sufficient time, for this, between the monthly meetings.

Family History Intermediate 1     

Meets 1st Tuesday in the month
Venue Private
Contact famhist@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details This group is for those who have made a start and already accumulated the basis of a tree ie. names, dates and places. The internet has made researching from home much easier but it is also fun to get out and about visiting the areas where our ancestors lived. The meetings will give you a chance to share with others your own research, swapping and sharing ideas, sources and suggestions for further research. There will be the opportunity to discuss the aims of your research and the computer programmes to record them, the occupations and stories from where your family came. By listening to how someone overcame a hurdle, the answer could be somewhere you hadn’t thought to look. Family History is a fascinating subject that just grows and grows, turning into an enthralling hobby that can become quite addictive. Eileen Baber

Family History Intermediate 2     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 3rd Tuesday of month
Venue Private
Contact sheila.murray6@outlook.com
Details • We are a friendly intermediate level group; meeting throughout the year with August being a social event. • The group is intended for those who have started building their family tree and are beginning to research further into their family’s histories, by investigating their lives and extended family. • We are keen to pool ideas, discuss resources used and share research tips to enable members to overcome the inevitable difficulties in tracing their ancestors • Each monthly meeting is based around a different topic. Our topics for the Autumn Term are: • September: Recent Discoveries and My Ancestor Was • October: Pre-20th Century Migration • November: One Ancestor in One Census • December: A Victorian Ancestor’s Christmas Everyone brings their own research to share with the rest of the group

Gardening Group I     

Meets variable depending on activity often on Wednesday
Venue Lunch
Contact garden1@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details To find out more about our interest group you must visit our website. Copy and paste this link into your browser https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/113425

Gardening Group II     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets Various dates depending on visit
Venue Outdoor activity
Contact garden2@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/113426 This is a new group and so far we are organising outside trips to Gardens of interest. We hope to develop this into other activities as we move into winter. Members suggestions and ideas are always welcome


Meets TBA
Contact geology@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details This is a brand new group looking for members. To find out more check our page on the website. Copy this link into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/115418

German Conversation     

Meets Alternate Mondays
Venue Private
Contact 07710 277 934
Details The members of the German Conversation group all have good comprehension of spoken and written German. Most group members speak German fluently. Participants prepare themselves for each meeting by way of a German text which I find on the internet (ie. latest news in Germany, current affairs). I send out an edited version by email to the group members a few days before each meeting. At the meeting we then read the text together and discuss the issues. I may correct pronunciation and occasionally the grammar. If members of the group do not understand certain aspects, phrases or single words, I try and explain these. We sometimes consult a German Dictionary or look up facts on Google. On the whole all group members speak happily in German and understand mostly what is talked about. But above all, we have lots of fun, enjoy each other's company and the tea and biscuits! Born and educated in Germany, I came to live in Sussex in 1973, and have been living in East Grinstead since 1975. I come from a very large family. So after all these years my links to my country of birth are still strong. I travel to Germany frequently, mostly to visit my many relatives. My children were born in Sussex and raised bi-lingually. Our main language within the family was German until the children left home! The German Conversation group consists of about 10 members who attend more or less regularly. We meet fortnightly, from 15:00h to 16:30h at a private venue. New members are welcome. But any person joining this group needs to have a good level of German language skills. Cost: 50 pence attendance fee for U3A, 30 pence contribution for refreshments, printouts, stationery, etc.

German for Beginners     

Meets Every Monday
Contact german@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details This German for Beginners group meets weekly on Mondays 2 – 3.30pm in Studio 3 at Chequer Mead Theatre. The emphasis is on speaking and listening skills practised through role play, pair work and audio clips. Grammar points are explored and practised in a fun way and new vocabulary will be constantly reviewed. Seasonal activities relating to, for example, Christmas, carnival time etc. will help raise cultural awareness and members will also be invited to share their experiences of German related interests and visits. Topics include home and neighbourhood, travel and transport and places in town. The group has set up an email connection with an adult learners' English class in East Grinstead's German twin town Mindelheim. So far we have exchanged class profiles and seasonal information. This project raises cultural awareness and enables learners to read and translate simple texts in their target languages. The convener is a qualified tutor of German with a long experience of teaching in Adult and Further Education and U3A settings. Room hire costs are shared between group members in accordance with the U3A policy and there is a small charge to cover weekly handouts as there is no prescribed text book. Group Leader/Convener: Vicky Jackson

Hand Bell Ringing     

Meets Each Thursday
Venue Felbridge Village Hall Committee Room - map
Contact marilyn@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We enjoy playing many different kinds of music and we also do change ringing such as you hear from church towers. To find out more please look on our web page or come along and pay us a visit on a Thursday afternoon. Copy the link below into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/19493 Marilyn Emmett

History Themes     

Meets 4th Tuesday in the month
Venue Private
Contact hthemes@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details History Themes group looks into any aspects of history, whether they be localised, British or international. As an alternative, the history of a particular organisation or system might be considered. Members take turns to choose a theme and make a presentation. For more information please visit our web page at https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/20181

Informal French     

Meets 3rd Wednesday in the month
Venue Private
Contact french@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Our group is really informal. Chatting in French, with no formal teaching. Imagine a coffee morning in French. All can make themselves understood well but we often resort to dictionaries. We sometimes discuss a pre-prepared article which I find in 'France' magazine. Other times we just chat and ask each other questions about their past month. The emphasis is on INFORMAL. No grammar, no corrections! Susan Berkshire

Intermediate Bridge     

Meets Mondays
Venue Forest Row Community Centre Main hall - map
Contact ibridge@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details The U3A bridge group meet in the Forest Row Community Centre each Monday at 9.30am. The session is completed by 1230 when the hall has to be vacated. There is space for a maximum of 10 tables but usually the attendance amounts to 8 tables. ACOL Duplicate Bridge Rules are the standard. Regular attendance is not essential providing notice is given so that the organisers are aware beforehand. Spare players are usually available but new members will find it easier to join with a partner. The aim of the group is to provide an enjoyable and relaxed bridge morning for players of an intermediate standard. The group would not suit those players who wish to play to a high standard to strict rules; nor would it be suitable for the beginners who require basic tuition. New members are usually transferring from another group or they may have played in the past and wish to take up the game again, or have attended a bridge course and are familiar with the rules and now wish to join a bridge club. Players who are interested in joining the group should contact the Group Leader in the first instance rather than appearing on a Monday morning. Peter Lamb

Intermediate Spanish     

Meets First & Third Tuesday
Venue East Grinstead Museum - map
Contact span2@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We are a small group of mixed ability meeting to practise what we know and learn more. We work through exercises to practise speaking. https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/116439

Jazz Appreciation     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 3rd Monday 2.00 pm
Venue Felbridge Village Hall Committee Room - map
Contact jazz@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details This is a new group. Please visit our web page. Copy this link and paste into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/113629


Meets 2nd Thursday in the month
Venue Private
Details This group has kept going through the lockdowns via Zoom. Having completed a course prepared by the Scottish Classics Group entitled Ecce Romani, we decided to use Oxford Latin Course Part III while we were meeting remotely. This introduced us to Latin poetry and has been a challenge. We have now had a few face to face meetings and have decided to test our skills even further. We are shortly to embark upon Cambridge Latin Course Book V but will be using Cambridge Latin Course Book III along side it as a quick reading source. The group is now about GCSE standard and just as keen as ever to continue challenging ourselves and to keeping our brains active. New members are welcome but this is not a group for beginners.

Litter Matters     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 2nd Friday in the month
Venue East Court main car park
Contact Litter@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details In alliance with MSCC, we aim to support the national strategy to help clean up our towns. There is no attendance fee payable for this group You are supplied with the necessary equipment and can choose where to litter pick. It’s a great way to get out in the fresh air, doing something useful as you exercise for around 1 hour once a month. Come along with a friend or partner-up with someone new. You can make a difference to our surroundings and hopefully encourage others to be mindful of keeping our streets and surroundings safe and tidy.

Lunch Club     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 2nd Wednesday in the month
Contact lunch@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Each month I write a newsletter indicating where our next venue will be and the menu chosen. I then ask each member to let me have their lunch choices, inform them of the time to meet and directions to venue. We always enjoy a very friendly and happy couple of hours. We visit various restaurants, pubs, hotels etc. and I am always open to suggestions of places the members have tried and enjoyed, for our future lunches. I try to keep the venues within approximately 15 miles of East Grinstead and lunches under £18. An annual administration fee of £4 is made when you join Lunch Club II - this is to cover postage etc . Fay Morgan

Mahjong and cards     

Meets Thursday afternoon
Venue The King's Centre - map
Contact games@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details To find out more, copy and paste this link into your browser to visit our web page https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/19495

Monday Painting     

Meets Monday p.m 1 .30 to 3.30
Venue Forest Row Community Centre Rose room - map
Contact art@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details I have just taken over the watercolour painting group which originally ran on the second and 4th of each month. I also run painting for fun on the 1st and 3rd of the month. I have decided to amalgamate the two group so that anyone from these two groups can come which ever monday they decide. Any medium can be used. Beginners and accomplished artists are welcome.

Monthly Photo Competition     

Meets No fixed meeting day as it will be online
Venue Online
Contact photos@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Each month from September to June, we have a photographic competition. All members of EG U3A are eligible to enter. Here is how it works: To join in the fun, you need to become a member of the MONTHLY PHOTO COMPETITION Group. To join the group please contact Edwin Cowley at the above email address. Once you have joined the group, we will be able to keep in contact with you. Each month there is a new subject for the entries. You do not need to be a photographic guru - we will accept anything at all. Members will be told in advance the subject for the next month's entry. To submit an entry, please contact Edwin, who will arrange for your photo(s) to be uploaded to the website. Please do not send copyrighted material (unless it is your own) and you give us express permission to publish it. Shortly after the month’s closing date, the entries will be circulated to all members of East Grinstead u3a who are requested to select their top three images. The three winning entries will be displayed in full on the page of the month.

Monthly QUIZ     

Contact groups@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk

Out and About 1     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets Various
Venue Lunch
Contact out1@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details This group was started in 2014. Objective It is both a learning and a social activity. We aim to visit places of interest in the locality but mainly in London. This includes historical buildings, exhibitions, guided walks, "behind the scenes", for example the Royal Opera House. Some of the places the group has visited • St Mary's House, Bramber • 2, Temple Place, London • Highways England Motorway Control Centre • Various blue badge guided walks around London • London Guildhall • Guided walk around Rye • Behind the scenes at Wimbledon • Poppy Factory • Wallace Collection, London

Out and About 3     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets Approximately 5-6 times a year
Venue Lunch
Contact out3@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We aim to organise visits to places of interest, either locally, the London area or the South East with 5 or 6 visits/outings a year, averaging one every other month on varying days of the week to avoid them clashing with members’ other activities To find out more, please copy this link into your browser https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/42365


Meets 2nd Tuesday in the month
Venue EG Trinity Methodist Crawley Down Hall - map
Contact poetry@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We meet for poetry on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. We are currently having a Zoom meeting to replace meeting at Trinity Methodist church. The format of the meeting has altered and we read and discuss a variety of poetry. Currently we are working through an alphabet of poets! I ask the group to provide their own refreshments as the Crawley Down room has no kitchen facilties. Should a member write poetry and wish to read their work at our meetings they are very welcome to do so. We welcome new members and new voices. The group has room for at least 3 more readers Lynn Box

Publicity and Recruitment     

Meets Various TBA
Contact susan@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details This is a group to pull together all the activities concerned with publicity and recruitment

QUIZ leaders     


Saving Planet Earth     

Meets Monthly - second THURSDAY at 2pm
Venue ZOOM
Contact groups@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details PERHAPS THE MOST URGENT NEED WE HAVE SAVING PLANET EARTH FOR OUR CHILDREN, OUR GRANDCHILDREN. AND THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY To find out more go to our web page by copying this link https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/112287

Science and Technology     

Meets Normally, 3rd Friday 13:45 for 14:00 start
Venue St Johns Church Felbridge church hall - map
Contact scitech@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Meetings are now being held in the flesh again. Contact Ray or John for details of next meeting Ray White

Short walks     

Meets Various
Venue Outdoor activity
Contact walk5@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Walking groups have proved so popular that we have now added a FIFTH group - Short Walks. As the name suggests, we will be undertaking shorter walks than those organised by our other groups - typically 2 - 3 miles. To find out more, visit our web page. Please copy and paste this link into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/119591


Meets 2nd Monday in the month
Venue St Mary's church hall - map
Contact sing2@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details If you have already been a member and have the loose leaf song book folder, with nearly 200 songs, please bring it along, because we will be using the same A4 folder of songs as we restart the group. please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to come and Singalong! Fay Morgan

Singing for Pleasure     

Meets Every Friday
Venue Ashurstwood Village Centre - map
Contact choir@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details The Singing for Pleasure Choir has been meeting for twenty years. We are a mixed four part choir with over seventy members - all with varying musical ability. We come together to enjoy ourselves and learn a programme of songs which enables us to give concerts and raise money for local charities chosen by the choir members. It is a great place to forge new friendships. New singers are always welcome and no audition is required. We are willing to perform for any charity if they are willing to organise a concert.

Social Cycling     

Meets On any day and at any time
Venue Outdoor activity
Contact groups@eastgrinstesadu3a.co.uk
Details This is a brand new group - seeking both members and an organiser. Once the groups up and running you will be covered by the usual u3a insurances. The emphasis will be on short outings rather than marathon cross-country events or hill climbs!

Spanish for beginners     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets Every Monday afternoon
Venue East Grinstead Museum - map
Contact span1@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details New group. For more information please visit our web page. You need to copy this link into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/112937

Thursday Walkers     

Meets 2nd Thursday of each month
Contact walk4@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Walks will be circular, between 4 & 6 miles and expected to last 2 to 3 hours. Walks will be at various locations within a radius of approximately 10 miles from East Grinstead. Walks will be over varying terrain and may encounter steep inclines/declines, mud and livestock. Details of each walk will be emailed to members approximately a week before the walk. Members will need transport to access start/finish points. Car sharing is encouraged. Members should be reasonably fit, have suitable walking clothing and boots, be capable of negotiating stiles and able to maintain a pace to meet the distance and time scales. Well behaved dogs are welcome but must be kept on a short lead. Members are responsible for their own health and safety and will be expected to sign a Disclaimer form absolving the U3A and the walk leader(s) from liability for any accident or loss of belongings. Cost is an annual £2 membership plus the standard 50p attendance fee.

Tuesday Painting     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets every Tuesday
Venue Forest Row Community Centre Rose room - map
Contact art@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details From September we will begin again from pencil to charcoal, watercolour and then acrylic. Beginners are more than welcome also advanced painters as we share our abilities and experiences with various art materials. We have vacancies and look forward to hearing from you. We are in the Rose room, community centre, forest Row Val Osbon

Ukulele Group     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets Normally 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month
Venue Felbridge Village Hall Main hall - map
Contact ukulele@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We are a friendly, supportive group of ukulele players of mixed abilities who meet to sing popular songs and accompany ourselves on ukulele. Please see our entry on East Grinstead U3A website for full details. To see our details, please copy and paste this link to your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/102323

Water Activities     

Meets Friday afternoons weekly
Venue Hedgecourt Lake
Contact marilyn@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We meet regularly between the end of April and the beginning of December on Friday afternoons. Our principal activity is kayaking but there is also an opportunity to sail a dinghy and to use your own SUP. Book weekly 10 members each time. For detailed information please visit our web page. Copy the link below and paste it into your browser: https://u3asites.org.uk/east-grinstead/page/20049 Marilyn Emmett

Watercolour and Drawing     

Meets 2nd and 4th Monday every month except Aug and Dec
Venue Forest Row Community Centre Rose room - map
Contact TBA
Details WATERCOLOUR AND DRAWING GROUP We meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at Forest Row Community Centre between 1.00 and 3.00pm. There is a suggested topic for each session, and I bring books and references, but also encourage members to bring photos or pictures themselves to work from. Anyone who would prefer to "do their own thing" is able to do that too. Members encourage each other and everyone contributes to the group by their own experiences. On the occasional month when there is a 5th Monday members can use the room and bring something to work on, no topic is suggested.. Group leader Val Osbon

Wine Appreciation Group 1     

Meets 2nd Monday of month 3pm - 5pm
Venue Private
Contact Wineap1@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We are in the process of putting a programme together for the next few months but we are hoping to have a varied programme of wine tastings, local vineyard visits and talks/presentations from wine sellers/experts

Wine Appreciation Group 2     

Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month 6.30 - 8.30pm
Venue Private
Contact wineap2@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details We are in the process of putting a programme together for the next few months but we are hoping to have a varied programme of wine tastings, local vineyard visits and talks/presentations from wine sellers/experts

Wine Appreciation Group 3     

  We regret that this group is full:
Meets 2nd Friday of the month 3pm - 5pm
Contact grinnygaz@gmail.com
Details We are in the process of putting a programme together for the next few months but we are hoping to have a varied programme of wine tastings, local vineyard visits and talks/presentations from wine sellers/experts

ZOOM Open meetings     

Meets As advertised
Venue ZOOM-1
Contact events@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details ZOOM Open meetings always have an external presenter. We want non-members of EG U3A to join in and this is one way in which to introduce new members

ZOOM with coffee     

Meets Every Friday
Venue ZOOM-2
Contact groups@eastgrinsteadu3a.co.uk
Details Ban loneliness! Fight the pandemic! Our weekly invitation to any members to come along and join in with the general discussion. The subject will be announced a few days beforehand. Invitations will be sent to all East Grinstead U3A members. No need to confirm: just turn up online. If you haven't used ZOOM before, do ask for help if you need it