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Reigate & Redhill U3A Groups

Active in the Park     

Meets Tues & Thurs am
Details A brisk walk, a few stretching exercises, a little Tai Chi, more brisk walking. You know you should exercise more but perhaps you need some motivation! Why not join our friendly group who want a good excuse to get healthy and meet socially too.

Antiques & Bygones     

Meets 1st Thursday am
Details We look at antiques and memorabilia from a bygone age. Each month, a volunteer in the group does some research on a subject, gives a short talk and if we can, we each bring relevant objects. It is interesting to find out about the social background and use of bygones such as writing materials, time-keeping and kitchenalia. Subjects can range from coins and ceramics to jewellery, chairs and maps. Interesting memories are triggered and by rummaging in cupboards and drawers, we often find objects we had forgotten about. We also have an annual visit to a museum, antiques fair, stately home or auction rooms followed by a pub lunch.

Art Appreciation     

Meets 2nd Wednesday pm
Details Each member chooses and researches a painting within an agreed theme. At the meeting it is shown on a large TV screen for all to discuss. We also talk about exhibitions we have visited and arts programmes we have watched.

Art For Pleasure     

Meets Tuesday am
Details We are a very happy, sociable group and welcome new members. At the moment we consist of eight men and sixteen ladies, all doing our own thing in a variety of media from pencil sketching to oil painting. As the name of the group states, it is art for pleasure. There is no pressure or formality. The only tutoring we get is from each other but this does not prevent us from producing good quality work which is sometimes displayed at the U3A AGM. We enjoy our hobby in a relaxed environment.

Art For Pleasure Extra     

Meets Tuesday pm
Details The informal group follows on from the morning session for those who want to extend their time or just for those who prefer the afternoon. Similar to the morning session, we are self directed artists of mixed ability, using a range of media from oils, water colour, acrylic and pencil.

Art History     

Meets 1st Tuesday am
Details We are a lively group, and the format of meetings is an evolving and movable feast depending on each persons particular interest. Since the beginning we have explored the history of some of the most famous collections, which include The History of The Wallace Collection, The National Gallery and the Watts Gallery to name but a few. What we find exciting is exploring the history of art in all its forms, studying the history of Sculpture, ceramics and photography, and the work of women artists who survived and thrived in the predominantly male artistic world of the past; In the Summer we usually visit exhibitions or collections, and we are currently exploring the world of the Scottish Colorists, moving on to the artists of Ireland. Each month, one individual presents an artist, or artists, of interest to them, followed by a group discussion. Each January we plan our programme together for the coming year, with every group member making a contribution to the discussion.

Ballet and Opera Cinema     

Meets Various
Details Experience live broadcasts of ballet and opera showning at the Redhill Harlequin and Reigate Everyman cinemas. These performances are shown live from the Royal Opera House, the Bolshoi, the Metropolitan Opera House NY and other venues. We think it would be good for U3A members to attend performances as a group, making it a friendly occasion. Not every member would be expected to attend every show as tickets will be about £16, but even a small group would be better that going alone.

Book Group 1     

Meets 1st Wednesday pm
Details Our books are chosen for the year at our annual Christmas lunch.  We always include a best seller, classic, thriller, autobiography/biography.  Our members decide which books to choose and when to host in their homes.  We have at least an hour’s discussion including book club questions, in which everyone participates.

Book Group 3     

Meets 1st Wednesday am
Details Our mixed group meets to discuss and share ideas about the books we have chosen to read. Every six months we select a wide range of books suggested by the group members. Amongst the books we have read this year were a Booker Prize winner, a travel book, a biography, a classic, a crime novel and books exploring the themes of relationships, love and loss. We don't all have the same response to the books we read but that makes for lively discussion. Because of the varied interests of the members we have been introduced to a wider range of books and authors than we would have chosen ourselves.

Book Group 4     

Meets Monday last pm
Details Book Group 4 has been running since June 2010. A rota enables each member in turn to suggest three books for the group to consider and circulate the list to the group by e-mail in advance of the meeting so that everyone has the opportunity to read the blurb on the book and can come to the meeting prepared to talk about the options. This method seems to have produced a good variety of books, to date all fiction, but ranging from foreign language books to classics and best sellers, reflecting the different reading preferences of the members. A few books have proved unreadable for some members, but most have been enjoyed and have stimulated a lively informal discussion. In order to allow time both to obtain and read the book we now choose the book a month in advance of it being read. Certain ground rules were established, the main one being that everyone would read each of the books selected (or at least attempt it, and come to the meeting able to talk about why they found it unreadable) and that books selected should not be too long so that is feasible to read them in a month. Books considered must be relatively easily available, in print and, preferably also available as e-books. The chosen book is discussed for about an hour, and then after tea the selection of the next book to be read is discussed and agreed.

Book Group 5     

Meets 3rd Tuesday pm
Details We are a small & friendly group, with a diverse taste in reading. We have recently read biographies, modern classics, a travel book as well as books from the bestseller lists. We don't always agree about the current book but we do always have a lively discussion. As well as sharing views about the current month's book when we meet, we also discuss what else we may have read during the month and discuss reviews of books which have appeared in the media etc. Twice a year we decide what we would like to read for the next six months.

Book Group 6     

Meets 3rd Tuesday am
Details We have eight members and we meet in member's houses. The group started in 2013 and five of the original members are still in the group. We have experimented with various methods of choosing books. From the start, we have had themes- India, Africa, America...We will try and have themes for several months. At the beginning of this year, for example, we read travel books by William Dalrymple (In Xanadu) and Patrick Leigh-Fermor (A Time of Gifts). Both were written when they were young, an interesting comparison, or it would have been had we not been interrupted by COVID-19. We are flexible and if someone recommends something, we read it. In this way we read a book of poetry by Lemn Sissay long before he was well-known. Since lockdown we have read "Black Diamonds" by Catherine Bailey, a history of Wentworth House and the family who lived there. It was exceptionally interesting and provided good material for discussion, using Zoom.

Book Group 7     

Meets 2nd Tuesday
Details We all suggest a couple of books for the following year at our Christmas lunch, held in December each year. We decide which of these we will read and when. Our most recent book choices have been The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris which was enjoyed by all, and Little Fires Burning by Celeste Ng which was also popular.The most enjoyable book of recent years was The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley. This book is the first in a series of seven and several of the group have eagerly read a further five books in the series, and are awaiting the final book. Sometimes we have made a difficult choice and the books have not always been to many people's taste, but we are introduced to a variety of different authors whose books we may not have read before. We meet in different members' homes each month, alternating between Reigate, Nutfield and Caterham

Book Network Group     

Meets TBA
Details This is a group of networking groups and not to be considered as a group for promoting membership etc. It is to facilitate joint meetings and ventures within a genre


Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesdays pm
Details This is a fun activity, and one for which you need no prior skill. We normally play from the end of March until the end of October. We have played in Priory Park but have now relocated to South Park F.C., Reigate.

Bridge (Duplicate)     

Meets 2nd & 4th Fridays pm
Details Duplicate Bridge is the playing format at bridge clubs. The cards are played from a board so that the same hands can be played by different pairs, thereby making it more competitive. We are limited to six tables (24 players) because of the size of the hall at the Friends Meeting House. This means that there is usually a waiting list of members wanting to join.

Bridge (Rubber)     

Meets Mon, Wed & Thurs pm
Details The group currently has approximately 40 members and is of mixed ability with both experienced players and several who have only learned to play in the last year or so. There are, however, no absolute beginners in the group. We play in members' houses with about half the group being in a position to host games. Members play as often, or as little, as they like, some playing every week and others only once a month. A rota is produced covering a two monthly period.

Bridge - Improvers 1     

Meets Tuesday am
Details Regular weekly attendance is the aim as Bridge learning is necessarily progressive.

Bridge Beginners 2     

Meets 1st & 3rd Mondays
Details This group was formed in September 2019 for those who were absolute beginners and for those who wished to re-learn. Regular attendance is required.

Bridge Beginners 1     

Meets 1st & 3rd Weds pm
Details Regular attendance advised as Bridge learning is necessarily progressive.

Bridge Beginners 3     

Meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays
Details This group was formed in January 2020 for members who were absolute beginners and for those whose knowledge and understanding was shaky and who would benefit greatly from going back to learning from scratch. Regular attendance is critical.

Bridge Virtual     

Meets Flexible
Details A forum to encourage players of all ability to play, watch and practice casual bridge on line through Bridge Base Online.

Canasta 2     

Meets Ad hoc
Details We are a small group who enjoy playing Canasta when we are able to.

Canasta at Tesco 2     

Meets 4th Friday pm
Details This is very much a friendly, mixed-ability group. It is ideal group for beginners as all members are helpful, supportive and encouraging.

Climate Change     

Meets Wednesday am 2nd
Details This group was launched in September 2020. The meetings take place using Zoom. Topics discussed at the initial meeting included Land-Use, Food and Waste.This group is naturally in its infancy and more members will be more than welcome.


Meets 3rd Monday am
Details We are a friendly and caring Group who meet in members' homes and who endeavour to achieve a variety of craft activities including: soft toys, cards, decorations, beading, various bags of different shapes and sizes, decorated containers, artificial flowers etc. We are always open to new ideas and invite members to lead sessions in turn.

Creative Embroidery     

Meets 1st Thursday am
Details We develop individual designs, using a variety of techniques, to produce both hand- and machine-stitched decorative pieces. Resources and ideas are shared and discussed and often new projects evolve from within the Group. There are opportunities to take part in non-U3A Textile events.

Creative Stitch     

Meets 1st Tuesday am
Details We are a small group, meeting in a member’s house. We set a programme of topics and challenges involving our own design, with fabric and thread using machine or hand-sewing. Everyone also owns a small book, which travels around the Group, for each member to add a small piece of creative stitch.


Meets By arrangement
Details Cribbage is a game for between 2 and 5 members. We meet by mutual arrangement, every 3 to 5 weeks, at the home of our of the members of the group.

Cryptic Crosswords     

Meets 3rd Tuesday am
Details This group had its inaugural meeting in January 2020 and has only been able to meet a couple more times before Lockdown. Therefore, it is very much in its infancy. There is a wide range of experience within the group, and already it is evident that those with more experience are very willing to help others. The initial ideas is to use daily newspaper crosswords.

Current Affairs 1     

Meets 2nd & 4th Fridays am
Details Current Affairs 1 group does not operate to a pre-planned agenda. We review the main issues that are currently attracting media, and hence our attention. The group leader keeps a log of possible subjects for use if required. We have tolerant, free-flowing debates, moving on when we have exhausted what we want to say on a topic.We try to balance full justice to the more serious topics - of which there is never a shortage - with lighter items on sport, entertainment, and the endless curiosities of life.

Current Affairs 3     

Meets 2nd Thursday am
Details We meet at a member's house in Reigate where we enjoy discussing topics of the day.

Current Affairs 4     

Meets 2nd Thursday pm
Details We take it in turns to present topical subjects.Two days before the meeting, members of the group are contacted giving them information concerning the subjects to be discussed, enabling them to collect any relevant information. We have very lively discussions but always part amicably!

Debating Society     

Meets 3rd Tuesday pm
Details We meet regularly at the home of one of the members of the group for lively, thought-provoking discussions of topical interest, although always avoid those which are solely of a political or religious nature. The group democratically decides the topic to be debated at the following meeting. A proposer and an opposer is each chosen too, so that they can each prepare a 10 minute argument to be presented at the start of the debate.

Earth & Environmental Sciences     

Meets 3rd Tuesday am
Details We consider the physical, natural and cultural processes that shape the landscape and environment of the Earth in which we live. The object of the group is to examine matters relating to the physical structure of the earth and its close atmosphere, including anything else that shapes the landscape and environment in which we live, whether physical, biological or cultural. The basic principles of geology and geomorphology are often considered in relation to the structure of the landscape of south east England and, sometimes, other regions of the UK and abroad. We can also look at aspects of the biosphere ( plants, animals, insects and their habitats) and cultural influences on historic and present landscapes. We meet in members' houses, as is convenient. Members take it in turns to prepare a subject to present to the meeting. The subject can be based on past experience, or more excitingly, the exploration of a topic new to the member. At least once a year we try to have an all day outside visit to a local place of interest. Earlier subjects have included the formation of gemstones, the geology of SE England, cloud formation, an overview of climate change, vindolanda, the barrows of Reigate Heath, the wild flowers of arable land, the geomorphology of a river and pollution. Sometimes we hold a magazine meeting to which each member brings along an item that they consider would stimulate a general discussion and introduces it with a very short talk.

Family History 1     

Meets 2nd Wednesday
Details A group with mixed experience of family history investigation. During most meetings we help each other by exchanging information about topics, techniques, reference books and online resources. Currently running meetings on Zoom because of Covid-19 risks.

Family History 2     

Meets 3rd Thursday pm
Details Family History Group 2 continues to meet regularly at members’ homes and each year we plan a mixed programme of outings and meetings with a specific subject e.g. A relative from 1850. We share our knowledge, sometimes artifacts and documents, and help each other with “brick walls”. Twice a year all three Family History groups meet and invite an outside speaker. This has proved very popular, especially Nick Barrett of WDYTYA. We go out to lunch each summer and at our Christmas meeting we have a glass of wine and a mince pie and plan next year's programme.

Family History 3     

Meets 1st Thursday am
Details We are a friendly group of 12 members, who range from beginners to experienced family historians. New members who are starting out on researching their ancestry are offered one to one sessions to help them begin their journey of discovery. Each month we have a topic chosen by the group on any aspect of genealogy, and everyone contributes to the ensuing discussion. Twice a year we join with the other Family History groups. We also have an annual outing. This year we visited the Churchill War Rooms in Westminster.

Family History 4     

Meets 2nd Tuesday am
Details Have you been inspired and intrigued by the television programme Who Do You Think You Are? Would you too like to be amazed as you unravel the mysteries of your ancestors? You may discover, like actor Danny Dyer that you can trace your tree back to royalty in the 11th century or like singer Boy George that you have Irish Republican links. Or your folks may be more ordinary, but just as fascinating, who have experienced brushes with the law, the scandal of divorce or bigamy or just the frowned-upon stigma of an illegitimate child. Get an insight into their jobs and living conditions, where they went to school and what their town or village was like when they were there. Join our friendly and fun group to start your own investigation. We have been running for several years and have lots of knowledge that we are willing to share. Our monthly meetings generally comprise of a short talk from one of the members, or an invited speaker, followed by problem-solving sessions where the members may split into smaller groups guided by one of the more experienced members. Occasional visits to places of interest for family history research are sometimes organised.

French Circle 1     

Meets 1st & 3rd Weds pm
Details We are a friendly group who meet around the table to use our spoken French. Members recount their activities, interests and sometimes discuss newspaper articles. The last part of the meeting is often dedicated to reading text. A bit of translation into English goes on here just to confirm understanding, but most of the meeting is in French only!Currently meeting using Zoom. We don't teach the language but we give people the space and confidence to use what they know.

French Circle 2 (Advanced)     

Meets 1st & 3rd Wed pm
Details Our aim is to give members the opportunity to restore a high level of fluency in spoken French. Suitable for members who are already fluent in French, or want to revive their former fluency. Some of our members have lived and worked in a French -speaking environment. We want to maintain our fluency in everyday conversation in general topics and everything else under the sun. Sometimes this will bring in specialist areas and there we will help each other out to try to fill unavoidable gaps in our vocabulary. We begin our meetings with a general discussion based on our recent activities and items in the news. We then study and discuss an item from the press that deals with a matter of interest in the Francophone world.

French Conversation 1     

Meets 2nd & 4th Mondays am
Details We are a small, friendly conversation group, sharing ideas, experiences, vocabulary and fun, all in French. Our discussions spring from newspaper and magazine articles, in addition to offerings and personal accounts from members gathered on trips to France. We also use various internet articles. Topics vary considerably, ranging from The Olympics to French road works, The Legion d'Honneur to English bathrooms! We also use games and celebrations to encourage us to speak French. Use it or lose it!

French Conversation 2     

Meets Tuesdays alternate
Details We are a well-established group. At each meeting we usually start with talking about what we have done since the last meeting, then maybe read and discuss a French document or view a short video, eg on YouTube, or any other topic that generates discussion.

French Improvers     

Meets 1st & 3rd Weds pm
Details We are a group of eight whose aim is to brush up our rusty French. We want to become more fluent in speaking French when in France and to be able to understand native French speakers without panicking when they speak fast! As we don’t have a native French speaker among the group we make use of technology to help. By connecting an iPad wirelessly to the television we are able to share the two online dictionaries we use to help develop our vocabulary. We each prepare a short piece on an agreed subject such as journeys, our favourite meals, or an item of news. This starts conversations and questions flowing. We also listen via the internet to native French speakers. We have tried a range of resources over the years but currently have subscribed to News in Slow French which gives us the opportunity to listen to reports and conversations about current affairs. We are able to see a transcript on screen and print it off which helps us to explore new expressions. We share the cost of the subscription every three months. Above all we enjoy ourselves and everyone is improving!

Garden Explorers     

Meets 3rd Tuesday pm (March to November)
Details We visit National Trust, private gardens or gardens in the National Garden Scheme (NGS) which open especially for us. We try to visit gardens within Surrey but sometimes venture into Kent or Sussex. We have two visits a year, with transport included, to major gardens further afield. Costs vary between free for National Trust members and round about £10. We always end the afternoon with tea in a cafe or supplied by the garden host.

Gardening 4     

Meets 4th Tuesday pm
Details We visit mainly fairly local gardens, and have recently started to arrange visits to gardens which will open especially for small groups. This has led to some interesting and informative visits. We occasionally meet in each other's homes to see each other's gardens and we often swap seeds and plants. We also have an annual plant swap in May We try to plan visits to a garden when it is at its best-ie Sheffield Park in autumn-and usually have at least one visit to Wisley during the year, as it is relatively close and there is something to see whatever the time of year. We car-share as far as possible to keep down the cost of our trips.

German Conversation     

Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays am
Details Intermediate level German conversation. We get together and talk informally about current issues of the day, and anything else of interest. We do have a German speaker in the group who is able to help us out when needed!


Meets Friday am
Details The R&R Handbell Group was formed at the beginning of 2016, and has developed into an extremely enthusiastic, friendly and moderately-competent team of 16 ringers. Its repetoire consists mainly of well-known popular, classical or folk tunes, which are played on one and half octaves (12 bells + accidentals)- but hopes to expand in both musical range and number of ringers required, progressively over time. Vacancies occur occasionally. No previous experience is required but the ability to read music (however elementary) is necessary, as is attendance as regularly as possible-as is obviously needed for team effort. There is a termly charge to cover purchases and room hire. Willing group members perform occasionally in care-homes and local clubs supporting elderly/disadvantaged people. At these, the audience is usually offered the opportunity to "have a go " using small, coloured (but perfectly tuned) bells. These outings have proved most worthwhile and hugely enjoyable to all participants. The group enjoys membership of "Handbell Ringers of Great Britain" (HRGB), SE Region, which stages an annual Bell Orchestra every May, nearby at Harlquin, Reigate.

History 1 British     

Meets 2nd Wednesday am
Details We are a very friendly group who take it in turns to talk about a subject or person. The talk lasts approximately 45 minutes to one hour, and can include maps, diagrams/pictures plus discussions.

History 2 Modern     

Meets 3rd Thursday pm
Details Each month, a member will give a 45 minute presentation on a selected, historical subject, following some research. The topic is then thrown open for general discussion where others may contribute any interesting information that they may have acquired independently. None of our members is a professional historian but we are all enthusiasts. On occasions, we also arrange to visit historic properties and exhibitions that have a connection with the subject matter.

History 3 - Modern World     

Meets 4th Monday pm
Details This group was formed to look at the Historical Background to recent events and developments. We are about to embark on our new theme, "The Influence of Russia since Catherine the Great". Each member will give an informal talk or presentation on a relevant topic they have researched and this is followed by a (usually lively and wide-ranging) discussion. After we have decided our topics, they are programmed in a roughly chronological order of presentation.

History 4 - Hidden History     

Meets 2nd Tuesday am
Details Each month we meet to share less well-known historical interest. Our sessions are friendly, informal and no one person is responsible for the whole meeting. We are never short of topics and have covered the stories of people, events places and even commodities, such as coal and ice! A typical session would include three or four different subjects. brought to the Group by members, followed by questions and general discussion. Do come along and join us; this is a very friendly Group and we offer a warm welcome to new members.

Holidays: Black Country     

Meets Sunday 28th September 2021
Details Black Country Holiday

Italian 1 [basic plus]     

Meets 2nd & 4th Fridays am
Details We prepare something in Italian about our past fortnight, then we do a little grammar or vocabulary, try some unprepared Italian conversation and end by reading a simple Italian book and translating.

Italian 2     

Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesdays am
Details After a bit of chatting in Italian we are using a book called "Espresso 3" which provides us with listening, speaking and reading material and also revises a grammar point in each chapter. We try to finish with something more lighthearted : a game, a piece of video and, very occasionally, an aria from an opera.

Italian For Beginners 3     

Meets 2nd & 4th Wed am
Details Italian is my second language as my Mother was Italian. My group is mainly conversational and we make use of "Short Stories in Italian" by Olly Richards and discussions of subjects of mutual interest. I try to make the meetings non-academic (no chalk and talk) and interactive when possible.

Jazz Appreciation 1     

Meets 3rd Monday pm
Details Several members take it in turn to host the group. The programme for the first hour is decided month by month and draws on recorded screenings of documentaries, profiles and concerts, together with occasional films with a jazz theme, any of which can be shown to the group on the host’s TV. The intention is to provide sessions on great instrumentalists, bands and singers, the differing treatment of melodies and comparisons of one musician with another. The second hour is given over to the personal musical choice of the host or other members who play and reminisce about their favourite audio tracks. All media available to the host is used.

Jazz Appreciation 2     

Meets 2nd Monday am
Details Jazz (II) covers all types of jazz, from Traditional to Modern; members bring along their own CDs and other members give their views (frank!!) on the music.

Latin 1     

Meets 1st & 3rd Thursdays pm
Details We have a reasonable knowledge of Latin and have been following the Cambridge Latin Course for a number of years now, and have reached Book 4. We concentrate mostly on language but also discuss Roman civilisation.

Latin 2     

Meets Tuesday am
Details This group is for members who would like to continue to learn, or refresh, their Latin.

Learn to Relax 1     

Meets 1st Wednesday
Details These ancient practices of Breath Awareness and Meditation give an experience that aims to bring peace, joy and harmony into our lives. It can bring about many positive changes in ourselves, our interactions with others and the world in general. The process of learning relaxation techniques can help you develop more self-awareness and learn skills that enable you to live a more balanced, whole-hearted and happy life. Each session starts with some gentle mindful movements to release physical tension in the body, followed by various breathing practices which focus on slowing and calming the mind, and ending with a short, seated meditation to bring you into total mind and body relaxation. No experience or knowledge necessary, all levels are welcome. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Learn To Relax 2     

Meets 1st Thursday
Details These ancient practices of Breath Awareness and Meditation give an experience that aims to bring peace , joy and harmony into our lives. It can bring about many positive changes in ourselves, in our interactions with others and the world in general.The process of learning relaxation techniques can help you develop more self-awareness and learn skills that enable you to live a more balanced, whole-hearted and happy life. Each session starts with some gentle mindful movements to release physical tension in the body, followed by various breathing practices which focus on slowing and calming the mind and ending with a short, seated meditation to bring you into total mind and body relaxation. No experience or knowledge is necessary, all levels are welcome. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. The group leader will let you know about times.

Lets Play Games     

Meets 2nd Friday Evening
Details The Lets Play Games group is for people who would like to learn some new board games and play some old ones.

Local History 4     

Meets 2nd Thursday pm
Details This is a very active group with monthly meetings or outings. Members are encouraged to suggest and plan visits to areas of local interest/ present a talk at a meeting.

Local Interest     

Meets Friday last
Details On the last Friday afternoon of every month, this group visits somewhere locally usually within about a half hour drive of home eg special gardens, historic house or an exhibition. We usually meet beforehand to have a pub lunch. We try and share transport.

London Experience 2     

Meets Monthly as arranged
Details "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life," stated Samuel Johnson. We generally meet at Victoria, London Bridge or Charing Cross during the third week of the month to explore and enjoy what this city, one of the most fascinating in the world, has to offer. Each day out tends to follow a similar format, though one which is definitely not set in stone! Each day is inclined to include at least one guided visit/walk and a self-guided visit with lunch in between. Visits so far have included The Royal Opera House, The Museum of Brands, Benjamin Franklin's House, Chelsea Physic Garden, the V&A, the Supreme Court of Justice and Charterhouse as well as a variety of London Walks.

Lunch Club 1     

Meets 3rd Friday
Details Since our inception in November 2011 (our first meeting was at The Beehive) we have only visited the same venue twice. We still have around 24 (as of June 2020) untried eateries within a ten mile radius of Redhill and Reigate to visit. I never test the pub or restaurant first as this is all part of the fun!

Lunch Club 2     

Meets Monthly As agreed
Details Lunch Club 2 does not have any specific day to lunch, but we don’t meet on the weekend days. This allows members to attend when their diary allows. We meet at various venues, with suggestions coming from members. Occasionally we meet for “breakfast” at Bills in Reigate.

Lunch Club Sundays 1     

Meets 3rd Sunday
Details We are a friendly group who meet to enjoy Sunday lunch together at a range of local pubs. The group leaders are very much open to suggestions of any new venues from the members.

Lunch Club Sundays 2     

Meets 2nd Sundays
Details We enjoy Sunday lunches in classical country pubs throughout Surrey, many of which are off the beaten track. Each pub has been visited with Sunday lunch tried and tested at least once before being visited by the whole group.


Meets 2nd Tuesdays am
Details It is a game for 4 players. We meet and play on the homes of different members of the group.


Meets 1st Fridays am
Details We are a group who love Mathematics. A few are retired mathematicians but many derive their interest in mathematics from careers in engineering. We enjoy revisiting topics we may not have felt very strong about in school or at college, sharing our enthusiasm with each other. Our emphasis is on mathematics that describes what goes on in the real world. Our activities include making mechanical models, such as Meccano Differential Analyser, recreation of Napier’s Bones as well as investigating the properties of the non-transitive dice! We have also looked at the mathematics behind the tides and the weather.


Meets 2nd & 4th Weds
Details Set out on a journey of discovery, learning to Meditate. We sit upright in chairs but anyone with back issues might wish to bring their own lumbar support or cushion. A simple two step meditation method is offered to anyone who joins without previous meditation experience.

Metal Detecting     

Meets Weds alternate
Details The aim of this group is to search for hidden treasure. Who knows what they will find?


Meets Thurs usually
Details Our musical group currently comprises a pianist, 2 guitarists, a saxophonist, a singer, percussion and clarinetist (standard moderate-to-good) We meet every two weeks. Our repertoire at present includes popular and Latin-American.

Music Appreciation 2     

Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays pm
Details Our aim is to enhance members' enjoyment and understanding of the whole spectrum of classical music, from early to modern, by informed listening. Each member has the opportunity to present their own choice of programme which may or may not have a theme depending on their own preferences. In addition to well-known works by established composers, there is often an emphasis on little known works or composers. Discussion is encouraged and this results in a varied, balanced and enjoyable musical experience. No prior musical knowledge or skills are required, just an interest in music and an open mind.

Music Appreciation 3     

Meets 3rd Friday pm
Details Sheer enjoyment of listening to good classical music in a welcoming environment. A varied programme is presented monthly usually with the consensus of the group members. One meeting could be centered around a theme where every member is asked to bring a piece of music that represents their thoughts on usually a one-word theme. The next meeting could have one member presenting a whole programme of their choice to members.

Narrative Writing 1     

Meets 4th Tuesday pm
Details As you might guess from the title, the members of this group write stories. The definition of ‘narrative’ is a wide one and has included fiction, autobiography and short play scripts. We are working on a mixture of personal projects and common themes or starting points. During the session we read our current work which is then commented on critically by the rest of the group. We are in the early stages of considering publishing some of our work, a process which has intensified our critical thinking. A selection of the group's writing can be found on the following website

Narrative Writing 2     

Meets 4th Tuesday pm
Details We cover a wide variety of narrative types, although our members mainly write short stories, which may be linked to a subject chosen the preceding month. Contributions are read aloud and helpful comments welcomed. Currently using Zoom.

Opera 1     

Meets 1st Wednesday am
Details We listen to CD's and watch DVDs of operas but we do not sing. We discuss what members of the group have seen or heard recently and what they will see next. We have learnt about castratti, counter-tenors, the various forms of tenor. etc. We aim to learn about composers, librettists and enjoy listening to our members favourite arias and singers.

Opera 2     

Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
Details We listen to CDs or watch DVDs and then discuss different aspects of the opera chosen for that session.


Meets 3rd Thursday am
Details We are a very enthusiastic group of bird watchers. Sightings and identification of common and less common birds are always rewarding. With the exception of August, we have full or half-day trips to various nature reserves, parks and coastal areas. Examples of the places we have visited are Pulborough Brooks RSPB Nature Reserve, Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve, Oare Marshes, Warnham Nature Reserve, Mercers Country Park and  Cannon's Farm, Banstead. In August we hold a planning meeting when we discuss venues for the following year and we then produce a programme.At Christmas time/new year we have lunch together.

Outings: Chichester/West Dean     

Meets July/August

Outings: Christmas at Kew     

Meets Tuesday 1st December 2020

Outings: Christmas at Kew 2     

Meets Tuesday 1st December 2020

Outings: Day Kent Countryside     

Meets Wednesday 27th May 2020
Details Cancelled

Outings: Legal London     

Meets Wednesday 23rd September 2020


Meets 1st Tuesday pm
Details This group has now been going since November 2011. We are a group of eight with a variety of experience from beginners to experts. We meet in each other's houses. Some months a member demonstrates a new technique; demonstrates a certain project, eg making a patchwork purse or a specific patchwork block that can be used in a sampler or on its own for a quilt. Other months we work on our own projects. It is here that we help each other with specific problems that members need advice on.

Patchwork - Machine     

Meets 2nd Tuesday pm
Details The group is a mixture of very experienced and novices so it's a good opportunity to swap techniques and help it other. We try to introduce a new method each month and also work on group projects. Using a rotary cutter and cutting mat a huge variety of patchwork patterns can be produced quickly using a sewing machine. Designs can incorporate stripes, squares and triangles. The patchwork can be used to make small items such as cushions, place mats, table runners etc or larger items such as baby quilts and bed quilts. The finished tops can then be machine or hand quilted according to preference. Rotary cutters, cutting mats and sewing machines are available for use. Fabric and a hand sewing kit is all that is required to get started producing patchwork tops.

Philosophy 1     

Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesdays am
Details Our discussions are currently centred on the book "A Stone Reader - modern Ethics in 77 Arguments" by Peter Catapano and Simon Critchley. We will continue this format for the forseeable future.

Philosophy 2     

Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays am
Details In our discussions of Philosophy we usually all follow a book with individual members introducing chapters in turn. In recent years there has been a growing interest in Political Philosophy with challenges to the idea of the Liberal Democratic State coming from a variety of quarters. We have been following through contemporary accounts. The relationship between theory and practice has also been a source of lively discussions.


Meets 1st Thursday
Details We like to take pictures of all sorts so we generally gather at venues within reasonable travelling distance from home which regularly includes London. Members suggest suitable locations for the months ahead, and the annual programme is compiled by the group leader. Outings are of course selected for their photographic interest and often follow the form of; meeting for coffee and/or lunch then either exploring together as a group or in small numbers. We might then meet up again for afternoon tea where the members discuss what they have seen through the day. At least once a year the group visits a photographic exhibition to see how others do it. Review meetings are held about twice a year. Their main purpose is to give members the chance to examine photos that the group have taken during the previous period, to appreciate their successes and learn from the problems that they inevitably encounter. These days most images are displayed digitally. The Photography Group is a friendly group of those with a keen interest in our subject. It does not require any expensive equipment and so we attract both ex-professionals and amateurs alike. We do not compete with one another but share a common interest and benefit greatly from the support and the encouragement of our peers.

Play Reading 1     

Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays am
Details The play reading group meets to read a wide range of plays: drama, comedy, mystery and more! From playwrights both modern and a little less modern, well-known and less known. Plays are chosen for the correct number of characters to ensure that everyone a part, although sometimes people have to double-up. Everybody has a script and members take it in turn to "produce" a play, sorting out the cast and giving the directions in the script. Whilst we are not performing we do try to inject life into the script to make it lively and entertaining. Over many years we have read dozens of plays and have yet to run out of a supply-or enthusiasm.

Play Reading 2     

Meets 2nd Monday pm
Details The Play Reading group meets to read published plays both comedy and drama by authors such as Henrick Ibsen, Alan Aykebourne and Agatha Christie. The play sets are taken out on loan from the Performing Arts Library which is housed in Denbies Vineyard in Dorking, having an extensive collection of plays, music and books relating to the arts. Plays are chosen for the correct number of characters to give everyone a part, although sometimes 'doubling' (taking two parts) is necessary. Each of us has a book and takes it in turn to 'produce' a play, giving out the individual roles to the assembled cast. 'Performing' isn't really the right description for what we do but we try to inject some life into the script to make it lively and entertaining, and after getting through dozens of plays we haven't yet run out of the supply or enthusiasm!

Poetry For Pleasure     

Meets 2nd Wednesday pm
Details We read and discuss the work of one or two poets that we have nominated at the previous meeting. Members are also invited to read poetry of their choice. Poets we have considered recently included: Pope, Stevie Smith, Nigel Forde,Browning, Wordsworth and Shakespeare.

Poetry Reading 1     

Meets 2nd Wednesday pm
Details We read and discuss poetry. Meetings generally focus on a particular poet chosen in advance and we take it in turns to read selected poems.

Pub Quiz 1     

Meets 1st & 3rd Wed evening
Details Do you enjoy TV quizzes? Do you sometimes think that you could do better than the contestants? Why not join one of our Pub Quiz team?   Wednesday Evenings at The Plough, Church Lane, Redhill

Pub Quiz 2     

Meets 2nd & 4th Weds evening
Details Pit your wits with our U3A team in convivial surroundings. Do you enjoy TV quizzes? Do you sometimes think that you could do better than the contestants? Why not join one of our Pub Quiz teams?   Wednesday Evenings at The Plough, Church Lane, Redhill

Railway Studies 1     

Meets 2nd Tuesday am
Details Over the years since the group was formed its members have produced and presented a wide range of topics with railways at the centre. We have heard about the Rainhill Trials in 1829 when Rocket showed a new way of building locomotives, the development and use of a particular type of locomotive, looked at the many sketches, paintings and photographs by well known artists depicting the railways and talked about the ordinary people who worked for the railways and were their mainstay. For a few years an annual visit, recently inviting Group 2 to join us as well, to a railway location has taken place.These have included trips to the Bluebell Railway where, thanks to our leader, arrangements to see behind the scenes were made, to a local model railway enthusiast and to mainline stations such as Kings Cross and St Pancras to see how they have progressed since the vast changes in railway operation have been in operation. There are so many facets to this subject that many more ideas for topics are being considered when planning ahead takes place.

Railway Studies 2     

Meets 1st Wednesday am
Details Railway Studies Group 2 has been running since April 2017 in close cooperation with Group 1. Most years several successful talks from one group are repeated for the other group. There are 8 regular members, one of whom usually brings along a model and explains the history of the class - all manner of Southern and London North Eastern classes have been particular favourites. We update ourselves on local railway matters, such as the recently the collapse of the embankments near Edenbridge, for example.  Members are always encouraged to bring along for discussion a piece of railway ephemera, or a cutting, or a story they have read, though this is not compulsory. Each meeting will have a major focus, the usual idea being someone gives a talk of about 45 minutes to an hour. Recent topics have included the Harz Mountain Railway (linked to a U3A visit to Germany), the Tattenham Corner line, Railway hotels, the Immingham Docks of the Great Central, the British Transport Police and semaphore signals from the north-west to the south-east of England. Talks are usually supported by a series Powerpoint photos using the TV screen. It's an eclectic mix, naturally dependent on the will and time of the members. Until this year, we have had the joy of visiting a member's Great Railway Garden layout for one of our outdoor summer meetings and have enjoyed the rock cakes provided.


Meets Wednesday
Details We are a small group who enjoy playing simple tunes on our descant recorders. We are currently working through "The School Recorder Book 2" by Priestley and Fowler, so to be able to have some knowledge of reading music is important. Having said that, we would be happy to play from book 1 if it would suit new members who may not have played for rather a long time and need to refresh their skills!

RUG - Meeting Support     

Details Really Useful Group members who volunteer to help at U3A meetings

RUG - Tea Helpers     

Details Really Useful Group members who volunteer to help with refreshments at U3A meetings.

RUGS Technical Support     

Meets Flexible

RUGS U3A Evenings     

Details An Ad hoc group of researchers and presenters at U3A Evening events

RUGS Welcome Team     

Details Really Useful Group members who welcome other members and visitors to the monthly Friday meetings

Rummikub 1     

Meets 1st & 3rd Wednesdays pm
Details Rummikub is a tile-based game for two to four players.Members pitch their wits against one another to win at this challenging tile game.

Rummikub 2     

Meets 3rd Thursday pm
Details Rummikub is a tile-based game for two to four players. Members pitch their wits against one another to win at this challenging tile game.


Meets 2nd Friday am
Details We are a lovely mix of people, from different backgrounds, who have been meeting monthly for many years. We have enquiring minds and are able to think "outside-the-box". Some members have spent years working in laboratories, others just have a broad interest in how things work. There are no brain surgeons or rocket scientists among us-thus far, anyway! The format of each meeting is usually that one member presents a presentation of about an hour on whatever subject they have chosen to research. This is followed by coffee and amiable, science-focussed chat. The subject range is very wide. Examples from last year are: Brewing, Combustion Engines, Darwin's The Origin of Species, Paper Manufacture, Radioactivity,Science and Philosophy and Storage of electric power. We do have list of many subjects, though many members are keen to research their own. So, we learn all the time, even if we're not great at remembering it all-and it's always fun!

Scrabble 2     

Meets Ad Hoc
Details We play a couple of games of friendly Scrabble during which those of us who are more experienced can offer advice to those less so and hopefully this helps to improve their game and obtain higher scores.

Scrabble 3     

Meets 4th Friday pm
Details We play a couple of games of friendly Scrabble during which those of us who are more experienced can offer advice to those less so and hopefully this helps to improve their game and obtain higher scores.

Serendipity 1     

Meets Thursday last am
Details Each member of the group contributes their take on a pre-agreed word, preferably one capable of different meanings, thus producing a serendipity collection of facts  and anecdotes. For example, we've had: Line: Whitby steam railway, Balaclavas Thin Red Line, Latitude & Longitude, and line drawing. Current/Currant: Current accounts, ocean currents, and baking currants. Court: Magistrates Court, court shoes, Queen Elizabeth Is court and her courting of Dudley. Pitch: marketing pitch, perfect pitch, stall pitch and publication pitch. Sight/Site/Cite: Guide Dogs for the Blind, the site of ancient Kaunos, eyesight of crustaceans, manure sites, and a recital of a citation.

Serendipity 2     

Meets 1st Thursday pm
Details Each member of the group contributes their take on a pre-agreed word, preferably one capable of different meanings, thus producing a serendipity collection of facts  and anecdotes. For example we've had: Apr  Line: Whitby steam railway, Balaclavas Thin Red Line, Latitude & Longitude, and line drawing. May  Current/Currant: Current accounts, ocean currents, and baking currants. July   plate: ceramic plate, Sheffield plate, dental plates, printing plates and number plates. Aug  Court: Magistrates Court, court shoes, Queen Elizabeth Is court and her courting of Dudley. Sep  Pitch: marketing pitch, perfect pitch, stall pitch and publication pitch. Oct  Course/coarse: model construction course, course of the Thames, course of true love (Charles & Camilla) and dealing with a coarse statue. Nov- Sight/Site/Cite: Guide Dogs for the Blind, the site of ancient Kaunos, eyesight of crustaceans, manure sites, and a recital of a citation.

Singing For Pleasure     

Meets 2nd & 4th Weds am
Details This group is designed, just as the title indicates, for members of the U3A to enjoy a morning of accompanied singing. We are an enthusiastic group singing a wide range of music - but so far we have chosen to steer clear of classical and church music. We occasionally perform on an informal basis, and we are constantly updating our repertoire. First and foremost, we have fun.

Spanish Conversation     

Meets 1st & 3rd Weds am
Details Our Spanish expertise ranges from reasonably proficient to bilingual. We start a meeting by each talking about what we have done since the previous meeting; this usually leads to questions and the conversation may take various directions. Once we have exhausted the conversation, we read out loud a newspaper article, usually from El País, on a topic of interest. We do not translate into English, but we do occasionally need to focus on a point of grammar or the meaning of a specific word in context. If there is still time, we may discuss the events or points of view described in the article. We have twice in recent years visited Spain as a group, but such visits do not form part of our normal activities.

Spanish Conversation 2     


Spanish For Beginners 1     

Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays pm
Details In this group, we use two books, both with a strong emphasis on repetition of the target language; this emphasis helps to surmount the initial difficulties which can be experienced by the adult beginner. The books are 'Easy Spanish:step-by-step' by Barbara Bregstein (McGraw-Hill) and SPANISH CD intensive language course. The latter is recommended by the Council of Europe. There are accompanying CD's or MP3 with basic dialogues and exercises which guide us in the assimilation of the language.

Spanish Improvers     

Meets 2nd & 4th Weds pm
Details This group is working at GCSE level, or slightly above. We have used various text books to gain vocabulary and a solid understanding of grammar. We use other sources of Spanish too. During a typical meeting, we will read out loud and discuss a topical item from the Spanish press, perform a role-play designed to develop real-life conversational skills as well as indulge in amateur dramatics, perform a listening or grammar exercise or read some pages of a novel with which we are making slow but steady progress.

Table Tennis     

Meets Friday
Details Join us playing Table Tennis every Friday at Redhill YMCA Held weekly at the YMCA. All players MUST join the YMCA to be covered by their Public Health insurance Cost : £2.50

Theatre Outings     

Meets As Arranged
Details Theatre visits are arranged for productions in London as well as in more local theatres. We travel by mini bus, or coach, with a pickup point in both Redhill and Reigate. Most visits are to matinees, so we aim to arrive a couple of hours before the start of the performance in order to have time for shopping/lunch. For evening performances, we tend at plan to arrive an hour or so before the start of the performance.

Travel Group     

Meets 4th Monday pm
Details We host in each others homes and decide a year long programme at a Christmas lunch in December for the following year. Our members’ experiences cover a wide spectrum, including China, Burma, USA, Europe, Japan, Namibia, Iceland, Australia, walking holidays, cruises and many more. Their presentations include showing DVDs, digital photos, slides and talking about their travels.


Meets 2nd & 4th Weds am
Details If you would like to play the Ukulele, even if you have little or no experience, this is the group for you. Experienced players are, of course, also welcome. We are using Zoom during Lockdown.


Meets 2nd Mons & 4th Thurs
Details Anyone is welcome to walk with us. Our walks are usually three and a half to four miles in length and I email everyone the necessary details for each walk. I do have a contact list of over 50 people, of which 20 to 30 regularly walk with us, just not all at the same time. We always welcome new walkers but I do not organise lifts for people so transport is essential.

Wine Appreciation 1     

Meets 3rd Thursday pm
Details The structure of the group is simple-throughout the year we aim to have seven or eight meetings in the houses of our members, one or two pub lunches, a visit to a vineyard, a summer garden luncheon and a tasting at a local wine merchant, who generally presents a generous selection of wines.. The dates and venues are decided six months in advance so we have a timetable to work to. Members are generous in agreeing to host the monthly evenings and, in their capacity as host, they will choose the wines that are to be tasted that evening. They may make their choices based on Old World or New World wines, perhaps a particular country or region, a grape variety or simply red, white, rose or sparkling. A tasting measure is generally a third of a small wine glass. However, depending on the mode of transport members have used for the evening, the measure may increase or decrease! The host will research the various wines to be tasted (where would we be without Google!) and print out tasting notes to hand around to members. We will probably have six or eight different wines to taste, accompanied by a selection of cheeses, bread and biscuits.

Wine Appreciation 2     

Meets 3rd Thursday
Details We meet in each other's, normally on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The meeting starts at 7:30pm and usually ends by 10pm at the latest. The host of the meeting chooses the wine, and the region or country from which it originates, which he or she will talk about and we then try each wine and give our views. We are not experts but most members will have a good idea about the wines we are tasting. The cost per meeting does not usually exceed £11, We are a friendly bunch of people, and everyone is open to suggesting alternatives for the monthly meeting. We try to include at least one visit to a vineyard in the South East which gives members a better insight into the wine production process.

World Religions     

Meets 2nd Monday am
Details World Religion is a group of people who want to understand the foundations and beliefs of the world religions , and the way they have adapted to current times. Our approach is self research, non judgmental, and open discussion, and does not require a personal attachment to religion. The group decides together the subjects it wants to understand in more depth.

Writing For Pleasure 2     

Meets 3rd Friday am
Details We write poetry or prose and suggest possible topics for the next meeting, but these are optional and anything goes! We read them out and enjoy each other's contributions and company.

Yoga 1     

Meets Friday as arranged
Details Keep fit and healthy with regular exercise and gentle movement. This group has been running for several years by an experienced Yoga teacher. We are lucky to have the use of a magnificent room at the Yoga Ananda Centre in Reigate where all equipment, including mats, blankets, bolsters etc is provided so members just come wearing loose comfortable clothing, although one or two have their own mats, or may be purchased at the Centre if you would prefer to own your own. Meets by arrangement, usually on Fridays Cost : £3 per session

Yoga 2     

Meets Monday as arranged
Details Keep fit and healthy with regular exercise and gentle movement. This group is run by an experienced teacher. All equipment, including mats, blankets, bolsters etc is provided so members just come wearing loose, comfortable clothing, although one or two have their own mats which can be purchased at the Centre, if you would prefer to purchase your own.